Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mall Living: The HUB Experience

By Liz

Christopher Ghesquiere has lived in HUB Mall since he began his University career in 2005. As he prepares to graduate from the Faculty of Law this June, he reminisces on the things he loved most about living in the iconic residence. Whether is was hanging out in his favourite place, the Vault – HUB’s community space for residents, or stopping for coffee each day at Cookies by George. Chris will always remember the community he was a part of, where diversity is celebrated, and where you can meet people from all over the world. Here’s a look into what day in the life of a HUB Mall resident may be like!

Chris’ favorite place, The Vault community space.

When asked what Chris would miss most, he responded “It’s the incredible community we have here in HUB. I wouldn't have lived here for 8 years if I didn't love the community.”

Chris adds a note to the Vault's Wall of Positivity.

HUB is a convenient place to study, grab food, or a quick coffee, “especially on those nights you don’t want to cook” says Chris.

"[HUB is] definitely a very unique living experience, I don’t know many people who can claim they've lived in a mall.”

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