Monday, 17 June 2013

10 Reasons to Try Summer School

By Liz


The temperatures are rising, and classes are likely the last thing on the minds of many students right now. Unless you’re taking a spring or summer class! But why would you want to do that?


I’ll be honest, I asked myself that question last year, but now that I’ve taken a few spring & summer courses, I wish that someone had told me about all the benefits of spring/summer courses much sooner!

Here is a top ten list of reasons to take a spring or summer class at the U of A:

Shorter terms:

Globe in the Library

Most courses are only three or six weeks long and you can take up to two courses each term. This still leaves time for travel or work!

Finish courses quickly:

Library Books

If you have that pesky course that you’re not really looking forward to taking, and I know we all have them, then why not consider looking it up in the Spring or Summer! It may only be a three week course and then in the fall you won’t have to sit through 3 months of it anymore as it will be all finished up!

Focus on the tough stuff:

Do you have one of those dreaded classes that you really aren’t sure you can make it through (or need to try it again)? Try it in the spring or summer! With only one or two courses on the go at a time it is much easier to put all your focus into the tough stuff as you won’t have four other courses to do too!

Lighten your fall and winter course loads:

Library Computer

If you prefer to study part time (or have to because of things like work), then taking a few courses in the spring or summer can help you finish your degree in the same amount of time as full course loads in the fall and winter would.

Fast track your degree:

Library Stacks

If you are more comfortable taking full time course loads in the fall and winter, and would like to complete your degree faster, then taking full course loads in the  spring and summer terms should help you finish quickly.

Smaller class sizes:

Summer School Class

If you dislike being 1 in 500, you might like to see if that STAT 141 course, or any other 100 level course for that matter, is being offered in the spring or summer. Not only will you find that there are fewer students in your class, but you’ll also find that you’ll get…

More one on one interactions :

Working on homework

The small class sizes give you the time to get to know your prof and classmates, which can help to improve and personalize your learning experience.

Grades can improve:

Books on Table

If you really buckle down, you can see a drastic rise in your GPA! Having fewer courses to focus on can make it easier to improve your grades.

See campus in bloom:

UAlberta in Bloom

Did you know that campus is not always covered in snow, and that flowers actually grow here? That’s right! In the spring the natural beauty of campus really starts to show.  The ponds run, the trees bud and blossom, and there are flowers everywhere.

Frisbee in Quad (or other outdoor activities):

Frisbee in QUAD

There’s no better way to spend lunch than playing some Frisbee in quad.  Or for those who like to relax, just lie on the lush grass and take in our beautiful campus. You can even check out the newest edition to Quad: the @quad_goose!

So if you weren’t quite sure about taking a spring or summer course, I hope that you have found something that resonates with you in this list.

Spring courses are already wrapping up, but you can register for summer courses until July 11. Classes begin July 8.

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