Friday, 11 October 2013

18 Things to be Thankful For as Told By Hand Turkeys

There are a lot of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and although everyone will have their own personal list, here are 18 things that those of us at the U of A can be thankful for, as told by 18 fantastic handcrafted hand turkeys!

(Special thanks to InfoLink for providing such creative artwork!)

1    The long weekend!                                                                

"Happy Thanks Giving" Hand Turkey

2   A break from midterms                                                        

Hand Turkey with sun

3    Mild weather (it's not too hot and it isn't too cold... yet)

4    The freedom to have an opinion                                        

Hand Turkey with tail

5    Access to a variety of coffee (and tea) options               

Hand Turkey

6    Finding your perfect place...                                               

Hand Turkey with hat

Whether that’s your place in a group or just being lucky enough to find the perfect spot to sit and eat your lunch in SUB

7    Self-expression                                                                      

Hand Turkey

8    Community support                                                             

Info Turkey

9    "Extra" time to work on assignments                                   

Line Turkey
It feels like you have a little extra time to work on those assignments that you've been putting off...

10    Sloths... or whatever your passion is!                            

Sloth Turkey

Photo Courtesy of

11   The colours of Fall                                                               

Fall Hand Turkey

12   Pedways... especially when it gets colder                      

Stretching Hand Turkey

13   A Vibrant Community                                                          

The vibrant hand turkey

14   Access to knowledge                                                          

Just a hand turkey

15   Mitten weather                                                                      

Fuzzy Hand Turkey

16   Family                                                                                     

Hand Turkey with a "Mom" tattoo

17   Friends                                                                                   

Turkey with a moustache

18   Naps! (Post turkey feast or just in general)                     

A crafty hand turkey

What will you be thankful for this long weekend?


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