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Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Costume

Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and with midterms, assignments and papers all happening at the end of the month, making time to find that perfect Halloween costume can be a brutal task.

To help alleviate some of your stress during this month, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you look spooktacular this Halloween.

Have a Back Story

Bridal Witch Costume

Sometimes the classics can seem a little obvious and unimaginative, but when done right, they can work wonders at a costume party! Make a generic costume your own by adding a little back story. 

For example, if you were dressed like the witch above, you could tell people that you're really a bride... a bride whose day has gone horribly wrong (maybe the soon to be mother-in-law showed up wearing a white gown too, or maybe the flowers didn't show, or maybe the groom didn't show!) and the result was the unleashing of your inner witch.  

Adding a back story can also help to explain a mismatched costume or it can even help to provide a new twist on a costume you’ve worn before. Maybe last year’s Sycorax is this year’s Elphaba.

Bring out the Props

Devil Costumes

Props are a great addition to your costume as they can turn a serious costume into something more playful or vice versa. Props also provide you with an opportunity to bring part of your personality to the mix. So grab a pair of wings, a pet spider, or a staff and just be you… but in a costume.

Be Punny!

Devilled Egg Costume

Looking for a conversation starter? Where a punny costume! Devilled eggs (like the one pictured above), a French Kiss or Fantasy Football should all give you a chance to show off your witty side. Just make sure that your costume is easy to understand or you might spend your night trying to explain your costume like Sheldon’s Doppler effect costume in Big Bang Theory.

Doppler Effect Costume - Big Bang Theory
Courtesy of http://mail.colonial.net

Give 'er Yer All

A Mismatched Costume
The above costume mixes together a pink gorilla, pirate hat, witches’ broom and a sugar skull mask.

Not all Halloween costumes have to be traditional vampires and zombies. If you can’t decide what to be then throw on whatever you can find. And if anyone asks, just tell them that you are everything you ever wanted to be. 

Relive Your Childhood

The Grouch

Did you have a favourite show that you grew up watching - Sesame street, the Muppets, Captain Planet. Get a little bit of nostalgia in this Halloween by dressing up as your favourite childhood character!

Try a Little Pop

Pop cultures is always a great source of inspiration, so if you like sticking your tongue out and feel like spiking your hair– you could be a Miley Cyrus or better yet put on a suit of armor add a blond wig and go as one of the Lanisters from Game of Thrones. And if all else fails wear a solid yellow tee with blue overalls and safety goggles and dress up as a minion this Halloween.

Just be Prepared

Zombie Survivor Costume

Do you fear a zombie apocalypse in the near future? Even if you don’t, jump on the bandwagon and dress like you do.  Pull on some coveralls and keep your tools handy - not only will you have a great costume, but you’ll be well equipped should the apocalypse happen.

So, what will you wear this Halloween? 

Share your costume pics using the #ualberta hastag!


Looking for more Halloween fun on campus?

Stop by InfoLink on October 31 for your chance to trick or treat between classes.

Volunteer with the Campus Food Bank's annual Trick or trEAT food drive.

Read or watch some of the haunting stories about our buildings on campus.

Or, just have fun and enjoy the spirit of the day like the folks from Student Group Services.


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I would like to share stories that are personal and reflective of the great community we have built here at the U of A. My experience at the university so far has brought forward a tremendous amount of personal growth, and I can’t wait to help share the wonderful stories and student experiences of this amazing university.


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