Friday, 22 November 2013

A Dear John Letter to the Snow

Winter at UAlberta

Dear Snow,

I feel like we're beginning to develop a pattern in our relationship and I'm not sure that I want to continue it. You keep walking in and out of my life and you do so without my input. You don't ask if I'd like you to go. After you've disappeared for months at a time, you certainly don't bother to ask if I want you to come back. You seem to think that I won't remember what you've put me through before; the long nights and the tense travels. Whenever you show up we both know that I'll be the one who gets to clean up after you. I'll also have to put my plans on hold just to take care of you.

I can't wear heels around you. 

Flipflops are obviously out.

You're even too "cool" for me to wear my ballet flats. (My really cute ballet flats.)

Some of my friends avoid me because of you. They just don't like you. At least one has relocated just so that they won't have to deal with you.

But you think that you can just show up and glitter in the moon light a little for all to be forgotten. You think that if I watch you flutter to the ground that I'll shout "welcome back!" 

Yes, you might look magical and pristine. You might be really fluffy and perfect for winter activities like sledding and skiing. And yes, I know that when it warms up a little you'll help our creative community members build monuments and statues. 

We both know that you help to get me excited for the holiday season and that you're a welcome reminder that the winter break is almost here. You are maybe, kinda, sort of... great. But I want to be mad at you! You're going to leave again... eventually. Right? Unless you've finally decided to just stick around. Which might not be so bad. I guess. Maybe we can work things out. 

I don't want to admit it... but I'd like you to stay. At least for a while. We have had some good times and maybe we can have a few more. 

Maybe we can stay friends,


P.S. I was looking through a few of our photos, and thought you might like to take a look at the good times too. 

View from the Students' Union Building

Winter at the Arts QUAD, UAlberta

Snow Covered Cherry Tree at UAlberta

CCIS in the Winter @ UAlberta

A Snowy Path @ UAlberta


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