Friday, 8 November 2013

A Fall Break To Do List For Students

With Fall Break just around the corner - Guba and Patches have decided to share some tips to help you have a fun filled Fall Break this year. Here are their suggestions:

Catch up with friends and family

Guba and Patches catch up with friends

With a constant rotation of midterms, assignments and quizzes, it can be difficult to find time to catch up with your friends and family. Take advantage of the break and spend some quality time this weekend catching up with your near and dear ones. Even if it means using Skype.


Guba and Patches hit the books

Use some of your down time this long weekend to organize your school work and to plan out the remainder of your study schedule for the term. 

Have some fun in the snow

Patches and Guba have a snowball fight

Living in Edmonton means experiencing the cold weather for a major part of the year, and now that we’ve received a good amount of snow fall, we should use it to our advantage. Take some time during this weekend to go out and have some fun in the snow – build a snow man, have a snowball fight, or even go tobogganing.

Explore your campus

Patches and Guba visit the Paleontology Museum

Studying in a university with a  history as rich as the U of A’s means that even when you reach your final year you will keep discovering things that you never knew about campus. With over 29 registered museums and a total of 17 million objects and specimens, Guba and Patches decided to check out one of the many museums on campus

Patches and Guba and a dinosaur

Spend some time this weekend and get to know your university better, for instance do you know where the Harry Potter room is on campus, or have you had a chance to check out the FAB (Fine Arts Building) gallery.


Guba and Patches chillin' in the hall

Patches sleeping on a bench

Get some ME time this weekend to unwind and relax. We all have our own methods to unwind, be it meditating, catching extra hours of sleep or even playing video games. Do what makes you happy.

Stay Fit

Guba and Patches doing some exercises
Patches is making sure that Guba is doing his regular set of push-ups for the day.

Keeping up your regular routine (or trying to get back into the swing of an old one) can help keep you returning to the physical activities that you enjoy. Having a friend go to the gym with you not only makes it fun but can also help keep you accountable to your goals as you'll have your own cheerleader with you.

Learn Something New

Patches and Guba dance

Challenge yourself this weekend and do something that you have always wanted to do but have never had time for. This could be anything from taking a dance lesson, taking your first ride around the giant swings at West Edmonton Mall*, or make a decorative mug

So, what are your plans for this Fall Break? Let us know!

*Attraction Passes can be picked up at InfoLink


About the Author

When I am not busy with engineering school, I love painting in abstracts. I am also a huge movie buff and will watch anything with zombies in it.

I would like to share stories that are personal and reflective of the great community we have built here at the U of A. My experience at the university so far has brought forward a tremendous amount of personal growth, and I can’t wait to help share the wonderful stories and student experiences of this amazing university.


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