Monday, 2 December 2013

It's the Final Countdown... to the End of the Fall Term

The Final Countdown

With only a few days of classes left in the Fall term, here are a few things you'll want to try to do before your finals begin:

Hand-in Your Assignments

Do All the Homework Meme

Before you leave your room conduct a final check to make sure that all of your assignments are printed, stapled, and tucked safely in your bag. Once you get to class (or your drop off box, or your Prof's office) enjoy the relief of a completed job.

Start Compiling Your Notes

Notes from Twitter
It's time to start arranging your notes! Try colour coding, re-writing, and simply reading them. If you need help finding the best way to review your notes, check out the Student Success Centre's note writing tips

Ask Questions

Ask Questions Meme

If you have questions about your course material it is not too late to ask for help! Make an appointment with your prof or try raising your hand in class. 

Flip through The Getaway

The Getaway
Image courtesy of the University of Alberta Libraries

The joke edition of The Gateway (known as The Getaway) should be hitting newsstands on December 11, 2013.... 

Look for End of Term Treats

Image courtesy of

With Unwind Your Mind events taking place on campus, keep an eye out for some healthy snacks.

Find a Furry Friend

Puppy Therapy at UAlberta

They're coming back!!!!!! The puppy therapy dogs should be making their next appearance on Wednesday, just in time for the last day of classes.

Pick Your Study Spot

Study Spaces - Education Lounge - UAlberta
Image courtesy of InfoLink: Your Campus Connection
Now is the time to start marking your study territory, so take a look around and pick out your perfect spot before finals begin. 

Find Your Exam Locations

Don't get lost while looking for your final! Use these last few days of classes to wander around campus in search of your final room locations. Especially if you are scheduled for an exam in Corbett Hall. Trust me.

Celebrate with Your Classmates and Friends

Your exam schedule (and subsequent study schedule) might not match up with your friends, so take these last few days of classes to enjoy one another's company between classes.

The Winter break is just around the corner!

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