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10 Things to do over the Winter Break

With the Fall Term now a thing of the past it’s time to forget about academic obligations and take full advantage of the next two weeks of Winter Break — and by advantage I mean catch-up on everything you’ve been neglecting since exam season started. It can be difficult transitioning from anxiety to leisure, but these ten things will surely guarantee that your holiday is glorious.

1. Rebuild your Social Media Empire

Social Media Empire

Let’s face it, your Twitter game has been abysmal since you started studying for exams — maybe even since September. You probably haven’t updated your Facebook status in months and those messages your aunt keeps sending you of cat jokes aren’t going to answer themselves. Take the time in the next few weeks to share your quirks with the World Wide Web, because who doesn’t want to be Internet famous? 

2. Take ALL the Naps!

Naps Meme

To be honest, all I’ve wanted to do these past two weeks was nap and likely some of you have already done so. Whether it’s a turkey-induced nap or not, there’s nothing keeping you from throwing on that new onesie and catching up on your sleep at 2 o’clock in the afternoon — your body will thank you later.

3. Clean your Room/Apartment/House

Clean Your Room Cartoon

If you’re like me, then your apartment has gradually turned into your mother’s worse nightmare. With the stress of final assignments and studying as excuses to not clean your living space, it’s time to grab the vacuum, wash the dishes, do your laundry, and whatever else needs to be done so that your home is perfectly habitable — until Winter midterms at least!

4. Fall in love with Netflix all over again

Netflix Meme

I only require of you one thing this Winter break because I know you’re going to do it anyways: re-watch an entire series of your favourite television show on Netflix. Whether it’s Breaking Bad, Community, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, your computer is waiting. Even if you’ve used Netflix as a tool for procrastination this past semester, take advantage of this opportunity for guilt-free viewing.

5. Catch-up with old/new Friends

Who doesn’t love rekindling long-lost high school friendships? Or spending hours watching reality TV or playing video games with your closest chums? You have a plethora of possibilities in the next couple weeks to hang with your friends, don’t let them slip by.

6. Spend quality time with your Family

Awkward Family Photo

With Christmas right around the corner this shouldn’t be too difficult but make sure to look past your sibling’s annoying habits or your grandmother’s nagging and enjoy the time you get to have with your family because others aren’t as privileged.

7. Read for FUN!

Reading is Entertainment Gif

With the endless sea of readings that floods your “to-do list” each semester it’s easy to forget that leisurely reading can be enjoyable. So put aside your textbooks, grab your favourite novel and fall in love with the characters all over again. Maybe you’ll attempt to re-read the Harry Potter series or tackle the latest non-fiction writers, but whichever book you choose have fun reading it! (Here are a few of our suggestions.)

8. Prepare for next Semester

Prepare for Winter Term Meme

Here comes the voice of reason: two weeks isn’t that long and the next thing you know you’ll be searching Beartracks for your required textbooks and course schedule. So use the down time to get everything in order, whether that means paying your tuition, buying new supplies, or swapping classes at the last minute. You don’t want to be in a panic the night before classes start!

9. Listen to Beyoncé’s new album

Beyonce Gif

How could I not include this. Beyoncé’s surprise album set the world into a musical fervor, and rightfully so. With 14 new songs you’d be a fool not to bow down to queen Bey!

10. Absolutely Nothing

Nothing Meme

You know what, forget everything that I’ve just told you to do. If you don’t feel like doing anything productive over the break, don’t — you deserve it. You’ve worked hard this semester, so sit back, relax and find your inner peace and tranquility.


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Hey! My name’s Billy – a second year arts student still scavenging through the course catalog for that perfect major. I’ve recently developed a passion for journalism, professional writing and communications and hope to grow along with the team at YouAlberta. If I’m not engrossed in the latest episode of Big Brother you’ll probably find me being too emotionally invested in The Amazing Race or laughing at inappropriate jokes on the Internet.

When not feeding my reality TV addiction or scurrying to finish my latest assigned reading, I’ll be searching our campus for the most intriguing stories about diversity, academic success and the quirks that make our university the gem that it is. As a student communicator I hope to foster a stronger sense of community and belonging by sharing sentimental and inclusive stories to tap into the shared sense of pride we all uphold – I hope you join me!


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