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6 Tips To Get Your Summer Job

I don’t know about you, but now that the weather is finally on the balmy side, I’m dreaming of spending my summer days sunbathing at the beach. But then I realize if I want to pay tuition next year, I’m going to need to spend my summer at work! Here’s some tips on how to get and keep a summer job!

Search High and Low

Find a Job Button (If only...)
Image courtesy of expectingchange.comIf only finding a job was as easy as pressing a button.
There are so many ways to find a job – make sure you check out as many as you can, to ensure that you find the perfect job for you. Networking, job fairs, employment websites, or even just a walk in your neighborhood can help to make you aware of opportunities that are around you. Even if you aren’t totally sure about a job – apply! If you’re offered an interview, it’s a great chance to figure out whether or not the job is right for you… and even if you don’t end up taking the job, the interview will be good practice! 

Make an Impression 

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 Don't be this guy. 

Make your resume stand out, and write a cover letter that shows your personality. Have a friend or family member proof-read your application, mistakes are a definite no-no! If you’re interested in getting some help with your resume, CAPS on campus offers tons of resources to help you make your resume the best it can be. 

Dress to Impress

What to wear to a job interview: This, not this.
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For job interviews, the rule of thumb is usually to dress a level higher than the position you’re interviewing for.  So that means if you’re applying to be a summer camp counsellor, business casual is appropriate, but if you’ll be working in an office situation, a suit would be more appropriate. Like it or not, your outfit is one of the first things potential employers will notice when you walk into the interview room!

Stay Cool 

Job Interview: Nervous?
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Employers can tell when you're stressed, so keep your cool.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit on the other side of the interview table a few times, and I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting too nervous, and taking things too seriously. Do your best to stay calm, and think of the interview as a conversation rather than an interview. You will come across more approachable, level-headed, and easier to work with than when you are feeling nervous. 

Follow Through

Positive affirmations to get the job.
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If you say it, you should be prepared to show it!

It’s easy to talk yourself up in a job interview or on a resume. But it’s important to follow through with what you’ve promised once you’ve actually started working. Be on time, try your hardest, and be your best self! 

Keep it Professional 

Don't be THAT co-worker
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It can be tempting, but stay away from workplace gossip! 

Keep your cell phone tucked away, don’t tell stories about the crazy night you had on Saturday, and don’t complain about anything (or anybody) in your office in an unprofessional way. Staying professional throughout the whole summer will help you get a great reference, and make your day to day working life so much better!

So whether you’ll be working an office job, at a summer camp, or at the mall, I hope these tips will help you to get and keep your perfect summer job! 


About the Author

My name is Erin and I’m going into my eighth, and final, year at the University of Alberta. When I grow up, I want to be a fairy princess… but since the U of A doesn’t offer that program, I am working on completing my Bachelor of Elementary Education.

I can usually be found consuming excessive amounts of caffeine in the library, volunteering with my sorority sisters, or hitting up the latest campus events.

What I love most about the U of A is how different the experience is for everyone, and how many experiences each student can have. I hope to share my stories and yours, so that together we can discover what this amazing campus has to offer!


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