Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Notes of Advice from a Graduating Student

As my time at the U of A comes to an end, I have decided on putting together a few bits of advice that I have acquired over the past couple of years. It definitely has been a crazy ride, but in the end was totally worth it. I present to you a few things I've learned:

Be proud note

Be involved note

Friendships Change Note

Be true to yourself note

Take time, don't stress, and talk!

There is a such a thing as too much pizza...

Eat healthy, study healthy

Change is okay, so believe in you

Make time, explore, and try something different


About the Author

When I am not busy with engineering school, I love painting in abstracts. I am also a huge movie buff and will watch anything with zombies in it.

I would like to share stories that are personal and reflective of the great community we have built here at the U of A. My experience at the university so far has brought forward a tremendous amount of personal growth, and I can’t wait to help share the wonderful stories and student experiences of this amazing university.


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