Monday, 2 June 2014

UPDATED - Best Spots for Grad Photos on Campus

Convocation is finally here for thousands of U of A grads,m which means that picture season is too! (Although, to be honest, every day seems to be a part of picture season in our smart phone era....)

Last year we helped point out a few of the best spots to take your grad photos, and this year we've decided to update the list. We've even recruited a couple of Lego models to help show the best places to pose in your cap and gown. 

Scroll down to see the best spots for your #UAlberta14 grad photos:

The Admin Building Pond

Located just in front of the Admin Building, the little pond area will likely be the most popular spot for grad photos. And why wouldn't it be? It has trees, flowers, running water, giant rocks, brick work, and a giant sculpture. It's a great spot if you need a pretty place to pose before returning your gown to the Bookstore. 

The PAW Centre (Still under construction)

The PAW Centre will eventually be one of the most unique architectural points on our campus... but for now, it's still under construction and capturing it in your grad photos could be a way to preserve what campus looked like while you were here. Plus, in a year's time, you'll be able to post your photos with the "Throw Back Thursday" (#TBT) hashtag... and who doesn't like nostalgic social media posts?

Let's be honest... you'll have a few pics that will be just a little out of focus or too bright too.... just go with it.


Who wouldn't want their photo taken in front of a building that looks like a giant Lego creation? Plus, the colours actually have something to do with coding DNA... so, if you like genetics or interesting facts to accompany your photos, then ECHA should be a great spot for a photo.

The Butterdome/Jubilee Auditorium

The lawn for the Jubilee Auditorium will be covered with grads! You can be one of them, and if you stand in just the right spot, you'll be able to capture a few angles that show off the Butterdome.

The Bookstore - Derpy Bear

Photobomb the bear... you know you want to!


Photographer's note: If you sit in the blue chair (or really any of the chairs), you'll likely be in better focus than our Lego grad.... plus you can look more casual hanging out in your cap and gown.

If it's raining, I recommend getting a few indoor shots inside SUB. The fire pit is usually a nice spot. 

The Alumni Walk (and Surrounding Area)

You've made it! You're a member of the alumni now! So the Alumni Walk (located right between SUB and the Admin Building) is a great spot to pose for photos. There are also a few perfect places beside the walk to get some great shots.

QUAD, Pembina Hall, Athabasca Hall, Assiniboia Hall

If you take a stroll along QUAD, you'll find some fantastic vantage points for photos and some amazing old brick buildings. 

Engineering QUAD and Computer Sciences Building

Even if you aren't an Engineer, the Engineering QUAD has some lovely photo spots... and if you are in Engineering, you'll definitely want at least one grad photo with the steel beams and Engineering beaver in the background.

ESB/Tory/Rutherford House/Saskatchewan Drive

Every spot along Saskatchewan Drive is picture perfect, so pick the spots that hold the most meaning for you and your time at the university. Also, earn some extra grad photo bonus points by taking a photo that features you checking yourself out in the mirror like windows of ESB... we all do it - right?

Arts QUAD and The Old Arts Building

If you like ponds and greenery and historic buildings, then Arts QUAD might be a good spot for your photos. 

Hopefully you'll be in better focus than our Lego Grad...

St. Joe's, Dent Pharm, Education, and the Bus Loop

Yes even our bus loop is kind a pretty. 


If it's raining, HUB might be another spot for some indoor photos... especially if you stand in front of the mural in the middle of the mall.

Rutherford Library

As a student you likely spent a lot of time in the library... and it just makes sense to commemorate your long study hours with a few photos in the library. (Any library would do... but only Rutherford will have the Harry Potter Room AND a giant book man.)

Can you spot the Lego grad?

Assuming that your face is not as reflective as the Lego grad's, this sort of shot should be easier for you to get...

Triffo Hall

The walk along Triffo Hall is great in the summer when everything is in bloom, and it's great in the Fall when there are giant piles of leaves to plow through on your run to class, and it's actually a little icy at times in the winter... but it's also a great place for a grad photo.

Remember, if you're sharing your grad photos online, tag them using the #UAlberta14 hashtag! Happy convocation everyone!

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