Friday, 12 September 2014

YA's 9 Random Questions with... William Lau

William Lau 
(SU President 2014 - 2015)


1) How do you take your coffee?

"Double double. Well balanced."

2) What makes you smile?

"Seeing other people happy."

3) What makes you frown?

"I think something that makes me frown is when I see someone do something intentionally to hurt others." 

4) If you could describe yourself as a food, what food would you be?

"Hmmm… what food would I be? Maybe like…. hot pot. Do you know what hot pot is? [Interviewer: Sort of.] So it’s usually like a really communal way of eating where there’s this boiling pot of soup base or water and everyone just takes their foods raw and dips it in and cooks together and eats together. And I think that would describe me because I like being around other people. I like bringing people together. And, at the end of a meal like that, it’s really warm, it’s really cozy."

"And at the end, the soup or the broth itself is really rich because it’s been dipped! By everyone!"

5) So, what would your super power be?

"To control time."

6) What stresses you out?

"Public speaking."

7) What relaxes you?

"Uh, besides massages? Perhaps classical music."

8) Who inspires you?

"People that really love what they do. No matter how much or how little money they make or how much or how little time they spend on it – people who really enjoy life and who’ve found what they love and are able to do so."

9) Describe your U of A experience in just three words.

"Do great things."


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