Tuesday, 9 September 2014

10 Things to Expect on Your Commute to Campus

So, let's be honest, the U of A is a commuter campus. Most of us take the bus, drive, or ride the LRT to get here. Some do walk, but even they are likely to ride transit or something at some point during their time here. So here are 10 things that you should expect to encounter if you commute to campus.

1.    If you don't want to pay for parking, and want to park in Garneau, then just remember that there's also a bunch of other students who don't want to pay for parking, who are also going to park in Garneau.

Parking Problems GIF
source: cheezburger.com

2.    If you do pay for parking, some will consider it a big deal. 

Spit Take

3.    Escalators are either working or under preventative maintenance – mostly the latter.

Broken LRT Escalator
Source: Overheard at the University of Alberta

4.    If the escalators are working, the following is more important than whatever you're studying:

Escalator Etiquette
source: photo-dictionary

5.    The Metro Newspaper.

Reading on the Train
Image courtesy of liquid-state.com

6.    What arrives and leaves at the same time? The bus you're on and the train you're trying to catch.

Noooooooooooooo Michael Scott
source: Elite Daily

7.    People can be a little edgy on the LRT.

LRT Attack
source: youtube

8.    People also like to initiate a lot of awkward eye contact on public transportation. 

Awkward Eye Contact - Michael Cera
Source: gifbay

9.    Sometimes they'll smile, and sometimes you'll smile back.

Smiling Bunnies
source: littleanimalsgifs.tumblr.com

10.  Just remember: even in the winter, when it's usually dark, and everyone's writing mid-terms and strung out on coffee – a morning smile goes a long way. You're kinda' all in this together. 

Awesome High Five - Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler
Source: rehanaandnikki.tumblr.com 

----About the Author

Hey readers! My name is Shadi and I'm currently doing a double major in Mathematics and Economics - an amalgamation of the two most enjoyable fields fathomable.  

Now - pull up an ear and listen reader: there lives a thriving ecosystem of academia addicts and campus-culture aficionados throughout the U of A, and I'm hoping to get these stories to you. I'm hoping we can on some level create more pride in our university through what really matters: the students. Me? Yes - you! You matter. I want people to hear of what academic triumphs students are achieving, and what new initiatives leaders across campus are championing. Also, from time to time, I’ll try to make you smile with “humor”. I'm looking forward to the semester and being a part of this team, as well as learning more about what's happening across our campus!



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