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10 Signs You Have University Exam-Brain (In The Best Way Possible)

Midterm Brain

Now that the first round of midterms are coming to an end, you can finally go back to your regular, less frantic know, the clear thinking, more organized, less exhausted version.  

Unless, that is, you have a case of midterm-brain.

If any (or all) of these things have happened to you while on campus then...Congratulations! YOU HAVE UALBERTA MIDTERM-BRAIN!   Your brain, like mine,  probably looks like a 4 year old’s colouring book but that’s okay because your mom, like mine, thinks your brain is beautiful!  And that’s important!! 

There is no need to panic! Nor should we be ashamed!  Let us embrace our scatterbrain-ness and unite in laughter.  Let’s everyone just take a moment to LOL. 

10 signs you have UAlberta Midterm-brain

10. “Forgot my lunch! Guess I’m eating Subway for the 4th time this week.” 

Subway in HUB

9. On the miraculous occasion you actually remember your lunch you always, ALWAYS forget the fork. 

What the fork?!?!

8. You’ve missed one (or several) classes because you accidentally set your alarm to PM. 

I've Made a Terrible Mistake Meme
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9. You can’t be expected to always push when it says “push” and pull when it says “pull.” 

Nick Miller and doors: All of us really
Photo Credit:

6. You’ve been that girl or guy to get up and awkwardly walk out of a lecture in the middle of the class because you realized you don’t even speak psychology. 

Awkward Penguin - Wrong Class
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5. You rode your bike to school and forget where you parked it.  Was it at SUB? HUB? or Bio Sci? Wait a minute...on a scale of 1-10 how confident are you that you ACTUALLY rode your bike to school today?

Brain Meme
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4. One time in your university career, you’ve accidently called your professor “mom” or “dad.”

Yes you did just call your teacher "Mom"
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5. You don’t refer to your ONEcard rather, your one cardS. (This is probably the case for your debit and credit cards too!)  

ONEcard, Ucard, ONEpass, U-Pass, whatever it's called!

6. Your backpack doesn’t look like this because it’s midterm season. Your backpack looks likes this all the time. 

Cluttered Backpack

1. “Next Stop, Grandin Station” - Dang it! You got on the wrong train because you were studying too hard! Just kidding, you were texting your “BAE”.  Just kidding, it was because you were playing candy crush. 

View from the Train

Don’t worry, my fellow scatterbrains. Relax a little, LOL  a little!  The LRT will eventually get you back to where you were supposed to be going. Remember our trains do only run North and South so.. you might as well smile and enjoy the ride! I like you just the way you are and and your mom thinks you and your scattered brain are the best! 

Have any of these things happened to you!?  Let us know in the comment section what other scatterbrain things you have done on campus!

Jobey - YouAlberta Contributor

Jobey is in her fifth and final year studying Spanish Language and Literature & Women's and Gender Studies. She gets most of her inspiration from Vines & YouTube videos and over enthusiastically quotes them any chance she gets. When Jobey is not spending her days and nights in Rutherford Library, she can be heard from miles away "trying" to whisper. She really can’t whisper. Like, not even a little bit.


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