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Fall Break Study Tip Ideas (In Cartoon Form!)

The YouAlberta team was asked to provide some pieces of study advice based on how they get through midterms, and this is the result... in cartoon form:

(Note: Coffee appears a lot...)

Studying... with coffee

Step 1: Wake up early

Step 2: Make some coffee

Step 3: Go to class

Step 4: Consider a late afternoon nap (or at least crave one...)

Step 5: Check your "To Do" list

Step 6: Find some caffeine


Excellent Study Tips That Are Healthy

When you need to study....

Start by organizing your notes.

Try working out to relax.

Eat healthy study snacks.

Go to class. (This one usually helps.)

Take 10 minute study breaks every 3... hours? Possibly every 30 minutes? Preferably not every 30 hours...

Go to your prof's office hours if you need help with a concept.

And finally... get some sleep.


How To Study

Panel 1: Wake up early

Panel 2: REALLY early (the clock says "6:00am")

Panel 3: That might be going to class...

Panel 4: Understand a concept... or ask a question?

Panel 5: Study 

Panel 6: Realize you need a break

Panel 7: Head to a coffee line

Panel 8: Take a study/coffee break with a friend


Take a "Fake" Study Break

"Take a Fake Break"

Panel 1: Study like you normally would

Panel 2: Think of a creative way to review your material

Panel 3: In this case, find a resource (like a neuro-anatomy colouring book)

Panel 4: There's the resource

Panel 5: Enjoy taking in the info you need to study differently (in this case, by colouring neuro-anatomy instead of just re-reading your notes)


Things To Do (and Not To Do) When Studying

"How to Survive Midterms (And How Not To)"

Try: Making an Epic Study Plan for yourself

Try: Eating healthy snacks (and yes, there is more coffee in there)

Don't try: Having a Netflix marathon instead of reading

Try: Studying in the library

Don't try: Having a disco wine party the night before your exam

Try: Sleeping the night before your exam


Don't cram!

"Cramming The Night Before An Exam: You Probably Shouldn't"

Panel 1: Realizing that you need to start studying late at night (likely not a good idea)

Panel 2: Studying (a good idea... but probably not late at night)

Panel 3: Time passes

Panel 4: You'll likely start to feel exhausted

Panel 5: More time passes

Panel 6: Move to a different study spot (this could actually be helpful... moving around a little and having a change of scene can be useful)

Panel 7: That could be the sun coming up... or it could be your notes heading out a window... either way, likely not helpful

Panel 8: Realizing that you've been up all night studying can be stressful. 

The bottom line: Avoid being in a situation where you have to cram the night before. Start studying early, break things down into sections to review, and make sure that you take care of yourself.


Healthy Study Suggestions

This one probably needs a little more explanation....

Step 1: Wake up form a good night's rest

Step 2: Eat a healthy breakfast

Step 3: Attend a review session for your class

Step 4: Study in the library

Step 5: Have a coffee/study break with a friend

Step 6: Study in the library again

Step 7: Work out at the gym.... that's honestly the suggestion here. Honestly. 

Step 8: Get a good night's rest and repeat.


So to summarize: 

Stay well rested, eat properly (yes you do need to eat properly), take care of yourself, ask for help when you need it (because it's always okay to ask for help), give yourself a break when you need one, and take your time. 

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