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Dance Marathon: 10 Reasons You Should Dance All Night Long

UAlberta Dance Marathon

“For The kids,” is a phrase you'll hear and see a lot over the coming months. Why? Because the organizers of the University of Alberta Dance Marathon will be saying it a lot and they’ll be saying it everywhere.  This group of student and community members are planning what they hope will be one of the U of A’s biggest events for 2015, and given that we know that the Dance Marathon will include 24 hours of live music, DJs, dancing, and dodgeball, we’ve come up with a list of 10 reasons you might want to sign yourself up.  So, here’s our list:

1. It’s all FOR THE KIDS!

Help Make Miracles
Image courtesy of

Do you want to help put smiles on some kids’ faces? I thought so!

2. You get to help make history!

Most Interesting Man - Dance marathon

It’s the first 24 hour Marathon in Canada!

3. There’s something for everyone!

It's Oprah and she's excited...
Image courtesy of The Berry

Want some EDM? We got it! Need to put on your cowboy boots? We’ll let that happen too! Want to be in your PJs and watch cartoons? We’ve got that covered!

4. You get to rock out to this:

Shang from Mulan
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Yes, there’s Disney!

5. Free food!

Beyonce and Pizza... finally together
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Free as in Freebird!

6. Meet new people!

Dance Marathon Friends
Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Could you meet your new best friend? Certainly!

7. Late night Dodgeball!

Spongebob does Dodgeball

Why sleep when you can hit people with foam balls?

8. Make an impact!

Batman makes a difference, do you?
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But at a dance marathon, they won't judge you if you do... Every dollar raised goes to the Stollery Children’s Hospital to help make kids get healthy and get back to just being kids.

9. Learn some new dance moves!

Dr. Who Dance
Image courtesy of Tumblr

You don’t need to know how to dance. We just want you on your feet!

10. Start a legacy!

Help sick kids get better
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Help us Do Great Things here at the UofA! #FTK

After six years in university, I’ve learned the importance of getting involved and making my choices matter. And I think that getting involved in this particular event will allow me to make another choice that matters since I’ll be able to help kids in the process. 

For more information or to register online, visit

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My name is Chris, and I have a problem; there is too much to do at the University of Alberta! How can you go to class when there are concerts, philanthropy initiatives, services days, food specials, and so many interesting people all over the place?

I am in the sixth year of my Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Trumpet Performance. When I am not practicing, you can find me planning the University of Alberta Dance Marathon, planning community service events for my fraternity, two-stepping all night long at Cook County, or discovering the best restaurants in Edmonton. I also love long walks through the River Valley and enjoy looking at pictures of cute puppies by candlelight while watching romantic comedies—that’s only partially a joke.

I am excited to be writing for YouAlberta this year. I’ll be bringing you insights into some of the hidden gems of the University of Alberta experience. Stay tuned for more about YOU!


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