Friday, 13 February 2015

5 Ideas to Help Rekindle Your Campus Romance

Dear campus lovebirds,

It’s that time of year again when Valentine’s Day is being shoved in everyone’s faces from every conceivable angle.  Good old February 14th can be a great excuse for a date night if you are in a relationship, or an excuse to do any number of other things if you are single (see Jobey’s piece for the best and worst places to be single on campus). 

If you have a special someone, it can sometimes be hard to “feel the love tonight” if you are overburdened by the heavy load of Valentine’s expectations. If you’ve recently been neglecting your significant other in order to prioritize your midterms and assignments, perhaps you could benefit from this list of ideas for how to rekindle your romantic relationship for V-day:

1) If your other half has 4 assignments due the last day before Reading Week, while you are just relaxing, tryacknowledging what they need to do and just let them do it. There’s nothing that says, “I love you” more than the selfless act of saying “ignore me and just focus on your homework.” 

2) Maybe in the whirl of midterms you’ve become estranged from your loved one, and have  forgotten what makes them so great in the first place. To help remind yourself, try writing three things you like about each other, and three things you’d like to see more of in your relationship.  List #1 should serve to re-ignite your spark. Use list #2to pick something to add to your Valentine’s plans!  

3) Though V-day plans usually center around food (like fancy dinner dates or romantic desserts), love-filled snacks in advance of the date are a great way to remind your person that you think they are special. As they say, the best way to get into someone’s heart is through their stomach, so surprise your SO with their favorite treat while they are studying. Bonus points if you add a little love note, plus your winning rims from Tim Horton’s. 

4) For some couples, the not-so-fun part of Valentine’s Day is planning the day’s activities, especially when you have a million school and extracurricular things to worry about on top of your romantic life. If you’re struggling to figure out whose job it is to plan the date, come up with ideas as a team. Each of you should write 5 ideas on separate slips of paper, put the slips into a date jar, and let chance decide your plans for you. Picking at random relieves some of the pressure, and lets you both have something to look forward to once the week is over.

5) One of the best perks of Valentine’s this year is that it kicks off Reading Week! Rather than using all of your loving energy on one day, make time during your entire week off to cherish your special person, and all the other special people in your life. School can be very demanding, but it is important to make sure that those who you care about know how much they mean to you. Share in the spirit of Cupid and spread the love through your actions (if that’s even what he does). Acting with love will undoubtedly bring more love into your life, and will keep you warm from the inside out!

Comment below to share your Valentine’s Day stories, or any other tips you keep up your sleeve for this romantic time of year!

----About the Author


My name is Kiera and I’m a fourth year Biological Sciences student with an English minor, trying to keep life interesting. I like to consider myself a glass-half-full type, and am most at peace spending quality time with loved ones (with a little wine and cheese on hand). When I’m not trying to balance my student group with studying, I am testing out different hobbies, slowly working towards becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

I am drawn to creativity and adventure, which there seems to be an abundance of amongst the U of A’s bright students. I hope to shed light on some of the inspirational individual stories that have resulted from unique campus opportunities, and also hope to encourage other students to tap into one of the many meaningful learning opportunities that are available outside of the classroom. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the U of A’s stories that make our campus community so rich with experience and opportunity. 


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