Friday, 6 March 2015

5 Reasons to Leap Ahead... Or Time to Turn Up for What?

Who likes waking up with the sun? I do! I do! Who's ready to give that up (at least for a few more weeks)? Begrudgingly, I am. I guess I am. And why? Because it's time to turn our clocks forward. That's right Day Light Savings is here again, so here are five reasons you should adjust your clock on Saturday night/Sunday morning:

1 - To avoid missing out on plans with friends, family, etc.

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You don't want to miss out on something like dinner or a party or a simple get together because your clock is out of sync with everyone else's. You also don't want to be that one group project member who misses your group meeting with the lame of excuse that you forgot to turn your clock back... better yet, your group doesn't want you to be that group member. Do your group work everybody!

2 - To prevent yourself from walking into the wrong class over halfway through the semester.

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Just, don't be this guy.

3 - To make sure you don't miss an exam.

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Not gonna lie, one of my favourite moments from high school (remember high school?) was when my friend strolled in all proud of how much he had studied for our Physics Final and said "well, I'm all ready for the test. Are you?" To which I gleefully replied, "I guess so... I mean, I did just finish writing it since it was an hour ago." 

4 - To catch the right bus.

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Although some buses run every 15 minutes, not all of them do... after all, the schedule does change depending on the time of day. 

5 - If you don't turn ahead, you'll be living in the past.

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And it will be a strange past too... with hints of the modern day taunting you.


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