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9 Things I Miss While Not A Fulltime Student in the Summer

UAlberta Things Missed in the Summer

A little over a week since the end of Winter 2015 exams and I already miss the university life. 

The Student Life Cycle

For those not taking Spring and Summer courses, the majority of students will be busy working in order to save up for next year’s tuition and life in general. It is a welcomed change, but admittedly I already miss being a full-time student. And surprisingly, I really miss being on campus all day every day! 

Weird, right?!

So, here are the 9 things that I miss about being a full-time student so far:

1.Cookies by George

Cookie Monster Quote
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I haven’t had a cookie for DAYS. Does this mean I’m an adult? 

2. Seeing my friends almost every day

Fingers who are friends.
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You don’t realize how many new friends you've made in class during the school year until you suddenly stop seeing them everyday.  My social network has significantly decreased since my status changed from “full-time student” to “supposed to be adult” for the summer.

 3. Finding any excuse to celebrate something over a beer at Dewey’s

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Oh, you handed in your final paper? Let’s celebrate at Dewey’s! Oh, you did well on your assignment? Let’s celebrate at Dewey’s!  Oh, you made your schedule for next semester? Let’s celebrate at Dewey’s… Etc. Etc. Etc. 

4. Taking random Netflix breaks throughout the day 

Netflix Studying
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You might not have the same kind of access or available time to check out your newest viewing obsession during the day… especially if you do have a job. 

5. Rutherford Library

Rutherford Library

Who would have thought I would miss the library? But it’s starting to feel like home...

6. Engaging my brain

An Engaged Brain
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It really surprises me that I miss this part of being a full-time student. But the satisfaction of reading something difficult, discussing it, disseminating its contents, and debating its meaning and knowing that it has led you to understand something new is just beyond compare. 

7. Being busy

Full Calendar
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Balancing work, school, family, a social life, and relationships is not always easy, but when you get used to a schedule finding that balance can feel natural. It can also provide you with a lot of structure in your life. Or at least, it does for me. While there is such thing as being too busy, there is of course the converse of not being busy enough. In my case the latter can cause me to become un-motivation really quickly! 

8. Coffee Accessibility 

Coffee Map @ UAlberta
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Now that I am not a full-time student, I actually have to plan where I will get my coffee in the mornings. Whereas when I was studying on campus, I just turned the corner and BAM! There would be coffee. Come to think of it, the amount of coffee available on campus is ridiculous-- ridiculously AWESOME! 


Expired U-Passes

Basically I miss all of the awesome privileges available to full-time students. And I really really really don’t want to pay full price for a monthly bus pass. You Spring and Summer students don't know how lucky you are.

Of course, summer holidays and the change of scenery are always welcomed. As students, we need the break and we deserve it!

And as pleased as I am to be enjoying the start of my summer (which would be a little easier to do without our random May snow) I’ve already realized… The student lifestyle is pretty awesome. 

About the Author

Howdy. I’m Jobey-- a fourth (+2) year BA student studying Spanish Language and Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, but if I had to choose, I would probably say Shakira because her hips don’t lie. And honesty is important to me. 

I have two obsessions that keep my heart perpetually pleased and my bank account endlessly empty: shoes and travel.  To date, I have visited 14 countries (studied in three!) and I own more shoes than I care to publicly admit. 

I am totally stoked to be a member of the 2014 YouAlberta Blogging team! I hope that my unique educational experiences will help me find and highlight all of the fascinating students we have on campus.  Be advised: If you’re out there and you’re awesome, I will find you. And we will talk!  :) 


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