Monday, 25 May 2015

Summer Predictions: I Bet I Know What You’re Doing Right Now

I bet I know what you’re doing right now! Or at the very least, I bet that I can predict what you’ll be doing over the next few months. So, here is my prediction. (Be sure to keep track to see how accurate I am!)

The first week after Winter finals was a shock to the system so you laid in bed for hours catching up on all your missed sleep thinking “Is it really over?”

Adventure Time - Ready for Bed

In the following two weeks you started work, which seems to have erased all your memories of late night cramming. Your time seems to fly by now that you’re in a study free (and likely stress free) “zone”. This new “sleeping” thing has been proving to be pretty amazing too. 

Getting the Bear Tracks grade notifications is now the only reminder of the exhaustion that had been brought on during finals. Although you still feel like you’re having a mini heart attack while you wait for the grades page to load (although I’m sure that you’ve done just fine.)

Final Grades: The Wait

It won’t take too long for you to start missing everything about the U of A though. Getting to see friends and classmates everyday, grabbing coffees and eating Cookies by George or getting mid-day drinks at Dewey's or RATT seem like distant memories. 


The next weeks will be a process… a process to figure out how to coordinate your work hours with your friends’ work hours so that you can hang out. It’s been FOREVER.  

I miss your face

And of course once you figure out when you can see each other the following days will be filled with a slew of summer activities that will all take place under the sun (literally).  

Summer fun gif

In the coming months, one of your greatest challenges will be figuring out how to spend all the extra hours you now have in your day (since you aren’t studying or writing essays). To fill those hours, you’ll pick up new projects or hobbies that you’ve always wanted to try! 

hobbies to try

Summer will go by quickly once you get into the routine of working and seeing old and new friends and before you know it, the new term will creep up on you. But you’ll be ready for it! 


Note: the above will all apply if you take Spring or Summer classes… eventually.

So, how accurate do you think my predictions are?

----About the Author


Hi, I’m Paige! I’m a fourth year student aspiring to become a Conference Interpreter after completing a bachelor of arts in French, Spanish and Japanese. I have a passion for everything cultural and am a total linguistic nerd. 

Away from my favorite study spot on campus, you can find me training with the Rowing Team or taking naps wherever possible. I love getting involved on campus and meeting new people so I’m always attending events happening around the University. 

I hope to share stories that highlight student life at the U of A; showcasing the bright and creative minds we have here at the U. I also hope to provide you with helpful tips to improve the time that you spend here on campus.


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