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The YA Instagrammys: 10 Awesome Accounts That (Are Sure To) Inspire!

Welcome to the inaugural YouAlberta Instagrammys! That's right, we've made up both a word and an award! But the award is really more of a "we like what you're doing" shout out and doesn't actually come with a plaque or a hand sized statue to place on your mantle or to hide in your bathroom

So what are the Instagrammys? They're our way of saying "hey, check out this guy/girl/person" on Instagram. And more specifically, each account that gets YouAlberta's Instagrammy stamp of approval shows off student life at the U of A (which is what YouAlberta is all about sharing).

So, with no further ado, here are the first 10 awesome accounts that are sure to inspire:


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Sure to invoke so many feels, this Instagram account portrays the everyday life of recent U of A graduate, Hunter Cardinal- A touch of goofiness, lots of sweet treats, friends, and an overall sense of living life to the fullest. Plus, from what I’ve heard about him, he’s going to be a famous actor one day. You could totally say you followed him before it was “cool.”


Felicia recently spent 6 months in Shanghai, China interning for the Canadian Missions through the Education Abroad program. While there, she was keeping her Instagram game on point! Felicia’s thoughtful captions and beautifully captured photos are sure to inspire you to embark on your own adventures – or at least live vicariously through hers. 


A photo posted by Kate Black (@kateblack) on

A photo posted by Kate Black (@kateblack) on

Creative, witty, and always on fleek, Kate Black’s Instagram account portrays Edmonton (and abroad) perfectly.  I’m still not sure whether I like her entertaining captions or awesome photos more. I’d say it’s a tie- I love it all. She has a slightly strange obsession with brunch, but I follow along fanatically. I guess you could say I’m a fangirl.   

Also- just a side note, I want all her clothes. 


A photo posted by Jason Purcell (@jasonvpurcell) on

A photo posted by Jason Purcell (@jasonvpurcell) on

I had a class with @jasonvpurcell last semester and you can imagine how excited I was when we began following each other on social media.  Thanks to Jason I now have a list a mile long of books I want to read, drinks I want to drink, and clothing I want to buy. I literally swoon every time he posts a new photo. 


@justjoelee is a bit of a mystery to me. He doesn’t have much information about himself on his profile but that’s okay because a single picture speaks a thousand words.- and he’s got 187 pictures!   If you are ever having U of A /Edmonton withdrawals, just take a quick peak at his account and your heart will be full with so much #yeg pride.


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A photo posted by Nicholas Yee (@nicholasdyee) on

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this guy’s skill?!  @nicholasdyee takes Instagram to a whole new level. On a scale of one-to-fabulous, I’d rate his account as a jaw-dropping, OMG I can’t believe this is real life, seriously the best ever.  With photos like his, you would think that photography is his professional career, but no. He is also a successful cellist and a Biomedical Engineering student, NBD.  Absolutely unreal-- You need to follow him right meow! 


A photo posted by Craig Wilkinson (@craigwyeg) on

I can’t actually tell if @craigwyeg is a student at the University of Alberta or not, but he sure does a heck of a good job capturing its beauty.  Whether you are a nature nut, or just in need of an afternoon pick me up, Craig’s account will leave you motivated to get out and explore what Canada’s backyard has to offer. 


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A photo posted by Jordon Hon (@jordhon) on

A photo posted by Jordon Hon (@jordhon) on

@jordhon poses as a 19 year old engineering student by day but really he’s an Instagram sensation in the making.   He’s all about the close ups and cool angles which make for a stunningly unique perspective.  Jordon could easily make even the most boring day rad with his photography skillz. Edmonton winter has never looked so desirable-- you almost forget about how cold you were it made you because right now, you are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside looking at a glimpse into his world.  


Just as her handle suggest, @ivanaabroad is a UAlberta student exploring the world. Anyone who understands the term “Wanderlust” will definitely get all the feels and then some from her account.  When she’s not doing cool things like skydiving in Dubai, she can be found soaking up the sun, sightseeing, and posting really, really breath-taking photos of her experiences abroad.  If you have ever travelled abroad, if you are going to be travelling soon, or you are just curious about the world around you, you should follow her adventures. 


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A photo posted by Teresa (@tweeesa) on

A photo posted by Teresa (@tweeesa) on

Despite being a semi- infrequent Instagramer, there is something so undeniably real about @tweeesa’s account.  Whether it’s the unique convocation photos (because let’s face it, convocation photos can get pretty generic), or cookies decorated as emojis, every single photo is a refreshing surprise.  She looks like someone with a great sense of humour, an artistic touch, and just an overall cool chick. If you don’t want to be her friend after looking at her photos, you might be a robot. 

----About the Author


Jobey is in her fifth and final year studying Spanish Language and Literature & Women's and Gender Studies. She gets most of her inspiration from Vines & YouTube videos and over enthusiastically quotes them any chance she gets. When Jobey is not spending her days and nights in Rutherford Library, she can be heard from miles away "trying" to whisper. She really can’t whisper. Like, not even a little bit.  


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