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Instagrammys 2.0 - The Summer Edition

The Instagrammys

As the summer holidays come to a close *sheds a silent tear* I think it’s time to celebrate the joy and beauty of summer one more time! And what better way to celebrate summer than by highlighting the best instagram accounts with all the summer smiles, the best sunny treats, and people having way too much fun. 

With that said, I present to you : Instagrammys 2.0 -  The Summer Edition 

Remember, this “award” is merely the YA team acknowledging how uber cool and talented you are.  So here are our virtual high fives and a virtual Instagrammys for the top 10 best summer vibes accounts by your UAlberta peers (and recent grads). 

Enjoy and congratulations! 

Jennifer Nona - @jenonawilson

A photo posted by Jennifer Nona (@jenonawilson) on

Summer in the city through the eyes of @jenonawilson is pure perfection. Surrounded by friends, family, cute kittens and west coast freshness, this account spreads the summer cheer to all who follow.  Just one look and I’m hooked. I just want to hang out and have all the fun in the sun with her and all her cool friends. 

Connie @cluuful 

Sweet treats, yummy eats, and beautifully captured photos, @cluuful reps #yeg and #ualberta hard. And we should all be thankful for it! She really portrays summer in #yeg and #ualberta as everything it really is--simply stunning. This account will make you want to explore the city and visit every delicious cafe Edmonton has to offer. As you should!   Her account is absolutely summer worthy and totally makes me drool. 

Anna Peacocke - @1photoguru 

A photo posted by Anna Peacocke (@1photoguru) on

A photo posted by Anna Peacocke (@1photoguru) on

With copious amounts of cleverness and creativity, Anna’s Instagram account will make you laugh out loud and swoon internally all at the same time.  Every time she posts a new photo you just know she is enjoying her summer to the max. Bonus: If you’re like me, and can’t get enough of her account, she recently spent a month in Chile and her adventures will instantly make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Then you will feel slightly jealous because she’s so darn cool.  Bonus #2: Her boyfriend’s name is Graeme and she oh-so-coyly coined the hashtag #Instagraeme. COME ON THAT IS SO CLEVER!!!

Nick Dorr @nickupnorth  ** so many great photos * 

A photo posted by Nick Dorr (@nickupnorth) on

A photo posted by Nick Dorr (@nickupnorth) on

From Kenya to Jordan to Egypt to Edmonton (and probably everywhere in between) it appears this guy cannot stay still this summer. Which is pretty great for us, because we get to follow him every step of the way.  For someone not able to travel anywhere this summer, @nickupnorth is seriously all that I need in my life right now. I am living vicariously through his wonderful photos and dreaming of the day that my life looks like his.  

Crystal - @cryssztal

If you want to know what summer done right looks like. Then look no further because I’ve found the perfect account!!  After browsing her photos all I want to do is have a picnic in the park, catch a live outdoor concert, and then finish off by exploring what the city has to offer. 
Even her winter photos are stunning, but let’s not talk about snow right now. Or like, ever.  Her summer photos trump all the winter photos combined because summer rocks. Just like her Instagram account.

Khayre Farah - @ kxngkvx  

A photo posted by Khayre (@kxngkvx) on

A photo posted by Khayre (@kxngkvx) on

Khayre a second year science student, a freelance photographer AND he is also having way too much fun this summer. If I ever post ONE quality photo similar to his, I probably wouldn’t post ever again because I wouldn’t want to mess with perfection. This guy is unreal and I want to be his friend right now. Think of all the summer adventures! 

Eldrin Manahan @iameldrin 

Architecture, angles, and summer time exploration: I just can’t get enough of @iameldrin’s account. He clearly has some photography skillz and I am clearly addicted to his work. Every single one of his Instagram photos looks like it could be a print for sale in a fancy-pants art studio. Follow him for your daily dose of “omg yeg is so beautiful, I love summer.” 

Adam Roy- @hammeredtoast   

A photo posted by Adam Roy (@hammeredtoast) on

A photo posted by Adam Roy (@hammeredtoast) on

In addition to having a cool instagram handle, @hammeredtoast   also has a glorious summertime approved account.  An obvious lover of the outdoors, @hammeredtoast is making the most of his time away from university classes. From downtown yeg to the often taken for granted rocky mountains, there is a sense of adventure and life in every photo. If only my summer was half as interesting as his instagram account!! 

Tyler Biard -  @citiesandcitizens 

A photo posted by Tyler Biard (@citiesandcitizens) on

A photo posted by Tyler Biard (@citiesandcitizens) on

Another amazing account, enjoying another amazing summer season in Edmonton. But by now you are not even surprised, are you?! We have so many talented students with so many beautiful photos. And, of course, after looking at Tyler’s account, he is no exception! According to @citiesandcitizens account, there is no such thing as a dull summer day. And there is no such thing as a bad photo. All of his photos tell a story of an adventurous guy with an eye for the bold, the beautiful and all things that shout summer.

About the Author

Jobey is in her fifth and final year studying Spanish Language and Literature & Women's and Gender Studies. She gets most of her inspiration from Vines & YouTube videos and over enthusiastically quotes them any chance she gets. When Jobey is not spending her days and nights in Rutherford Library, she can be heard from miles away "trying" to whisper.

She really can’t whisper. Like, not even a little bit.


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