Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Let's see your ultimate U of A photos!

Green and Gold Day - U of A Pride

So, I know that you take photos. I know it, you know it, your friends know it, anyone who follows you on social media knows it. We are a visual generation. And that's why you (yes, you!) should put your photog skills to the test with the Ultimate U of A Photo Contest.

Seriously - do it!

In addition to showing off your no-filter majesty with a camera (although, if you use a filter, I'm sure that will be fine), you will also get to:

1) Share your U of A experience with the campus community

Green and Gold Day @ UAlberta
If Fluffy can show off her U of A pride, I'm pretty sure you can too. 

2) Have a chance to win coffee with the president (yes, he'll be paying)

Coffee Problems
Image courtesy of Pintrest

3) Maybe win your very own Butterdome... your very own LEGO butterdome!

LEGO Butterdome
YOU could build this.

4) If you're a part of a student group, your group might win a chance to have the U of A's top communications and marketing professional offer you personalized advice on how your student group can take their communications up a notch.

Image courtesy of

To enter (or to learn more if you like to learn... which you must, you are a student after all), then visit the Green and Gold Day site.

Which reminds me - if you want to find out who the winners of the contest are (i.e. is it you?), then you should plan to be in Quad during the noon hour on Sept. 25. That is Green and Gold Day and it is the day when the winners will be announced.

And you could be one of those winners.

So, we both know you have photos - submit them!

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  1. This is super fun. For some reason the page to post our photos is not cooperating (message appears: permission not allowed), is there something that we should know?


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