Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Your 2015 WOW Playlist

One of the greatest perks of the first week of school is free live music. Every year as a part of the Week of Welcome, the SU gives us some live entertainment to get us pumped up for classes and to officially welcome both newcomers and old-timers to campus. 

As a returning student myself who often makes it out to the WOW Mainstage, I’ve sometimes been unfamiliar with the musical acts. So in order to help make the most of what the SU has to offer us this week, I’ve done a little research to help figure out what we should expect to hear. So beware, this post WILL contain musical spoilers!

Tuesday, September 1st

3:00pm - 3:45pm: Doug Hoyer

Up first, Doug Hoyer has been around the block and back again when it comes to Edmonton’s music scene. Collaborating and touring with fellow local musicians since 2003, you could say he knows how to put on a show. He’s a slow-burning mix of pop and rock, able to mix in the best of both genres and then some.  


4:00pm-4:45pm: Jocelyn Alice

Pop music finds a new, soulful home with Calgarian Jocelyn Alice. Mixing the rhythm and beats of hip-hop and the catchy, hook-worthy vocals of pop music, this singer is bound to keep you on your toes throughout her set. Her voice is a pleasant surprise, able to switch from powerful to vulnerable in a beat, and perfectly compliments the unique sound she’s after. You could say she’s hit the “Jackpot” musically, and in more ways than one. 

5:00pm-6:00pm: Five Alarm Funk

I’ll admit, this band might be a little hard to describe. Although their name references the fun genre of funk music, their sound transcends all boundaries of it, and any other, genre of music. But music that pushes boundaries is always worth giving a listen to, right? It’s bound to be a party with nine men on stage, five studio albums worth of selection, and over ten years of experience — these guys are guaranteeing the first day of classes goes out with a bang. 


Wednesday, September 2nd

3:00pm - 3:45pm: Tennyson

Fond of that dinging noise your car makes when it tells you to put your seatbelt back on? How about the taps of an iPhone keyboard, or Toad’s victory laugh? If you aren’t, you probably will be in no time after hearing them sampled in one of the brilliant electronic and purely instrumental pieces this group has managed to concoct. Born and raised in Edmonton and busking since they were kids, these young artists will make the ordinary seem fantastical with music likened to Cashmere Cat and Mura Masa.


4:00 - 5:00pm: Kytami

Born and raised in Vancouver and trained with the violin since she was three, Kytami puts on an act like no other. After gracing the stage at both the Centre of Gravity Festival in Kelowna and at the Pan-Am Games in Toronto, you could say she’s got a captive audience. Kytami inserts her violin skills into recognizable pop, hip-hop, and country hits as well as DJ sets, so be prepared to dance to some sick violin music. 


5:15pm - 6:15pm: Keys N Krates

Wednesday finishes its electronic acts with this three-man band from Toronto. Perform-ing completely live with drums, keys, live sampling, and turntables, their sound has been sup-ported by Steve Aoki and Diplo to name a few. They also do some pretty sick remixes and have performed at some of the greatest music festivals (Lollapalooza, Osheaga) so swing by their set for a party!


Thursday, September 3rd (All times TBD)

The New Electric

Still a fairly new band that formed in 2013, The New Electric has big plans for this year and the years to come. After working with renowned producer Brian Howes (who produced records for Hedley, Simple Plan, and Boys Like Girls to name a few) they are set to release their EP any day now. You can check out their single “Life’s What You Make It”, and make sure you stop by to hear what this up-and-coming pop/alternative band has to offer. 


TBD - that’s right, it’s a surprise! Swing by just to find out what musical artist WoW will throw at us. 


You may be familiar with this three-man band named after their frontman, Jason Zerbin, after they formed in Edmonton in 2009. Since then, they’ve won two Edmonton Music Awards (yes, there is such a thing!) for Music Video of the Year and Single of the Year for their single “New Earth”, and have released a second studio album in April of this year. They mix the fun, catchy hooks of pop music and the uniqueness of the alternative genre, creating some of the most pleasant sounds your ears could ever ask for.


Friday, September 4th

3:00pm - 3:45pm: The Frolics

They may not have been born or formed in our very own city, but they did choose the Edmonton music scene to help cultivate their live sound. With five studio albums under their belt, you can bet they have more than enough tunes to give the crowd on Friday afternoon. Creating their own unique sound, The Frolics have a knack for blending three not-so-popular genres: Surf, Punk, and Camp. This interesting combination, along with their energy on stage, will be able to attract all wanderers of QUAD into the WOW Mainstage. 


4:00pm - 4:45pm: The Dudes

The Dudes have rightly earned their name by performing some awesome live shows, using low-fi techniques while recording (which allows for some technical flaws to shine through) and for (probably) being really cool since 1996. Their wealth of experience and songs makes for a pretty entertaining live set, and their rock sound and pop undertones are sure to please any crowd ready to listen to some great music on the grass of QUAD.


5:00pm - 6:00pm: illScarlet

A foursome inspired by Sublime, illScarlet is known for their rocksteady-punk-pop sound and have been through rotation since ’01. After playing on the Vans Warped Tour for two years and being nominated for both the Much Music Video Awards and the Juno Awards, this band is ready to end Week of Welcome with a party like no other. Their genre-crossing and fun attitude while performing will have you on your feet, and will leave you rejuvenated and ready for any-thing this school year throws your way!


Rachel never leaves her house without a pair of good headphones, her current favourite read, and a cup of tea. She’s a third-year English Major and Linguistics Minor who mainly enjoys hanging out with cats, but will leave their side for the promise of some live music and the company of friends. Some of her dreams include sleeping in and never running into a scary insect ever again. Read her stories.

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