Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A few random minutes with the 2015-16 SU VPs

The 2015-16 U of A SU VPs

Meet SU President Navneet Khinda's pal (a.k.a the SU Vice-presidents) as they answer our thought provoking, deeply engaging, and often hilariously random YA questions.

We also asked Cody, Dylan, Fahim, and Vivian what questions they add to the YA list - here's what they've come up with:

Cody Bondarchuk, VP (Operations & Finance)

Cody Bondarchuk, 2015-16 VP (Operations and Finance)

Dylan Hanwell, VP (External)

Dylan Hanwell, 2015-16 VP (External)

Fahim Rahman, VP (Academic)

Fahim Rahman, 2015-16 VP (Academic)

Vivian Kwan, VP (Student Life)

Vivian Kwan, 2015-16 VP Student Life

So, if you see them while sitting in class or walking around, say "hi!" And maybe share your answer to their questions.

Kevin - YouAlberta Contributor

Kevin is a 4th year Anthropology Honors student. He hails from the Philippines and has been living as a proud Edmontonian for half a decade. When he is not busy, which is a rare occurrence, Kevin enjoys long walks, volunteering, and binge-watching past seasons of Survivor. He aspires to become a ‘cool’ social scientist while trying to get his Twitter account verified (though he doesn’t tweet much). His most prized possession (for now) is a signed copy of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

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