Thursday, 15 October 2015

YouAlberta Spotlight: The Undergraduate Research Initiative

If there’s one thing your undergrad here at the U of A should show you, it’s that opportunities are everywhere. This is what I’ve come to learn since interviewing Connie and Crystal at the Undergraduate Research Initiative, and it’s one I hope to share with other students.

The Undergraduate Research Initiative — URI for short — is dedicated to bringing students closer to answering questions they’ve always wondered about, but haven’t had the resources to research before. Whether it’s discovering ways to make Emergency vehicles and their processes faster, or looking into artificial limbs for amputees, the questions are endless, and URI acts as your support team when figuring out how to answer these questions.

But instead of letting me explain it, I’m going to let the source tell you more about Undergrad Research here at the U of A and how fun and easy it is to get involved. Also, you should totally consider registering for their November 13 – 14 event (co-hosted with the Kule Institute for Advanced Study) Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now: Connecting Communities. In addition to offering you (yes, you!) the chance to become the catalyst for new ideas and initiatives, you could win $500 to help turn your idea into an actual plan. (You just need to register by October 26.)

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