Monday, 2 November 2015

18 Awkward Moments We've All Experienced on Campus

Take a little time to relax and enjoy these extremely (and unfortunately) relatable situations that you may or may have not experienced during your time on campus.

1) Passing the person you said bye to 3 minutes ago.

2) Sitting next to someone you weren't fond of in high school.

3) Immediately forgetting the name of someone who just introduced themselves to you.


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5) Getting stuck at the end of the bookstore line on the first day of class.

6) Thinking you've set the perfect price for that used textbook you want to sell, only to find someone's advertising an unbeatable offer on the Used Book Registry.

7) Having your only pen run out of ink 5 minutes before the end of your in class essay and hoping that your prof will be able to read your last paragraph if you just etch it into the paper.

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8) Getting caught pretending that you're a wizard when activating the automatic taps in the bathroom.

9) Entering the only available bathroom stall... to find that it's the one with no toilet paper.

10) Going to buy a coffee in the middle of your 3 hour spare, but forgetting that it's class change time.

11) Trying not to pant after going up the LRT stairs.

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12) Taking your headphones out to see if you are panting as loudly as you think you are after going up the LRT stairs.

13) Entering class late and having to disrupt the unfolded desks of 10 students to get to the only empty seat…the one in the middle of the row. 


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15) Setting an alarm for a 9 minute nap.

16) Thinking you've spotted a couch to sit on in SUB, only to discover someone napping on it when you get closer.

17) Putting your laundry on the bed to inspire yourself to fold it, but putting it back on the floor at bedtime. 

18) Every Tuesday and Thursday class be like:

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  1. LOL...#17 doesn't change even when you get out of university.

  2. My mom folds my laundry


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