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Best Places to Take Grad Photos: Fall 2015

Here are the BEST spots to take your U of A grad photos this fall (with a few tips to help you get the best shots). And yes, we've tried to pick places that will be relatively close for you to get to (after all, it is November, so who knows if the white stuff will arrive or if the temperatures will be a little too chilly for you to spend too much time posing in your gown outdoors). (Golden scarfs are optional... plus, you'll get a hood, which will help keep you warm.)

@ The Jubilee Auditorium

Includes the Butterdome, ECHA, Katz, Lister, and Med Sci.

Photo Tip: Try to stand at an angle that will allow the Butterdome to serve as your background. After all, you didn't take classes at the Jube, but I bet that you did write an exam in the Butterdome. Plus, it's totally iconic!

Photo Tip: There might not be much green left on the trees around the auditorium grounds, but there are still plenty of berries (or maybe they're cherries...) - so add a little extra colour to your background by standing in front of a tree with red things on it.

Photo Tip: If you were ever a Listerite, then you likely have plenty of photos of the place on your phone... but it might be nice to have at least one cap and gown pic of you in front of the legendary residence.

Photo Tip: If you ever had a class in ECHA, Med Sci, or Katz, then I highly recommend that you run across the lawn from the Jubilee Auditorium to get a shot like this. You won't have to go too far to get it, and chances are there won't be a crowd of other graduates in the background of your shot. Same thing if you had classes in Education (or are graduating from Ed) - see below.

Photo Tip: If you really like iconic buildings, try to get the new PAW Centre in one of your photos. It's quirky, shiny, and you can take the photo without going too far from the Jube. Win, win for you!

The Alberta Bear

Photo Tip: Having your photo taken with the Alberta Bear is the U of A's newest tradition - so make sure you get your shot... which could be as epic as this one:

Photo Tip: Check out Paige's guide to getting the perfect Alberta Bear photo... you can pet it, ride it, hug it, stand beside it, run from it, etc.

The Bus Loop

Includes the Admin Building, St. Joseph's College, Education, and Dent Pharm

Photo Tip: If you do take your picture by the bear, step out on to the sidewalk and pose for a quick shot in front of the Admin Building. If you took the bus to campus, this would have been one of the first places you would have seen when arriving on campus each day. Plus, the trees still have a few green leaves, so you get the bonus of a little extra colour in your photo.

Photo Tip: Imagine yourself as one of the university's founders and then pose with them... well, not actually them (for obvious reasons), but with their bronze facsimiles. The President's Circle is one of the newest statues on campus, so mosey on up beside our first President, and pose as though you're helping him and the first Premier pick out the perfect spot for the university.

Photo Tip: St. Joe's looks pretty good in a photo...

Photo Tip: You know what else looks pretty good in a photo? The Education mural. Get in front of it!

Photo Tip: Make sure you have at least one super collegiate looking picture by seeing how much of Dent Pharm you can fit in. It's big, it's old, it's a little gothic, and it's screaming for you to strike a pose in front of it. You get bonus points if you can include the whole thing in your photo.

Photo Tip: If it's warm enough to venture this far, do it. Take a power shot in front of what I like to think of as a bell tower (even though I have no idea if there's actually a bell in there).

Convocation Hall

Aka - Old Arts

Photo Tip: You are convocating. Convocation Hall has the word "convocation" in it's name. Brave the cold, and get over there for a picture.

Photo Tip: If you do go to Convocation Hall/Old Arts, you'll get the chance to have a little colour in your background and some marvellous masonry.

Photo Tip: If you do go to Convocation Hall do this: Go. In. Side. Go inside! The front lobby of Convocation Hall was practically made for graduation photos. The lighting is soft, it's warm, and if you stand in the right spot, you can have the word "convocation" appear over your head. (It was a little tricky with the LEGO person, but you'll be able to pull it off.)

Close to SUB

Includes SUB (in and out), the grove in front of the Admin Building, Alumni Walk, and Pembina Hall

Photo Tip: If it's chilly and you want to spend very little time outside, you can cut back to SUB (i.e. the Bookstore to return your gown) using PAW. You'll come up to the newly renovated south side of SUB, which can make for an artsy background. So, as you run between PAW and SUB, stop for like 30 seconds and have your photo taken.

Photo Tip: Once you're in SUB, take advantage of the new atrium's natural light - the place is filled with it.

Photo Tip: If you want to stay close to SUB, but would like a few outdoorsy pictures, try posing in the little tree grove between SUB and the Admin Building. Right in front of Admin, there is a giant rock with a few bushes still in bloom next to it. So, add a little green and gold o your photo album.

Photo Tip: If you stand next to the (likely frozen pond), you can make it look like you went to school in the woods. Why not?

Photo Tip: If you want to stay next to SUB, but trees aren't your thing, you can take a photo in front of Pembina Hall. It has the benefit of being a great old building.

Photo Tip: Graduating means that you are a member of the U of A's alumni... so, make sure you take at least one picture in the Alumni Walk to commemorate the moment.

Happy Convocation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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