Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How Do You Procrastinate?

You do it... you know you do it. And we do it too. In honour of the upcoming Long Night Against Procrastination, the YouAlberta team has revealed their procrastination habits... well, almost all of them. More like half of them, because the other half are still working on their answers - the irony!


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I procrastinate by eating, watching youtube videos, thinking about things I would rather do than studying (like drawing and reading novels, things I never do when exams are over and I actually have the free time haha), tidying my room, dusting, folding clothes, doing laundry. So basically I do all the things that a normal person is expected to do on a daily basis. It’s ironic because I am procrastinating studying but getting other important chores done around the house haha. Playing with my dog also becomes very important when I am supposed to be studying.


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I procrastinate by answering emails :P, watching youtube videos (usually of wicked salsa, or of airplanes landing), daydreaming, watching Netflix, sleeping, or on really lazy days, texting old friends from days gone by to see how they're doing.


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Netflix and YouTube are my greatest procrastination tools. Watching cats sneeze does absolutely nothing for my school work, but everything for my emotions. I also like to keep most of my notes on my laptop so that when I’m making Cue Cards, I’m distracted by notifications that I feel I have to click on before they escape and fade away. It is a challenge I will never lose, much like being tempted to procrastinate. Also, the new trend of adult colouring books has ruined my study schedule.


I watch netflix, build lego, do laundry, unbuild lego, rebuild lego, sort lego, watch more netflix, go to the gym, think.

So, if you're procrastinating, consider these 10 tips to prevent the perils of procrastination, or plan to join the Long Night Against Procrastination, or, keep doing what you're doing.... actually, don't do that last one. Actually get to your "to do" list.

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