Friday, 13 November 2015

Installing a President - The YA Take

On Monday, November 16, 2015, the U of A's president will be officially sworn in (or as they put it back in 1928, he'll be "incepted"). This is what YouAlberta thinks it might look like.


Going a little towards the 21st century definition of an "installation"....


It's a little like a coronation... an academic coronation... but without an actual crown. There might be a hat though.


As you can see, she thinks of it like a marriage, but not a marriage. So, that's the president clasping hands with all of us as we all say a collective "I do." And of course, Guba and Patches are presiding... or they might be the witnesses. Either way, they're there.


There's a lot of clapping and standing, and smiling in this one. Will the president float on a green disc though? Only time will tell...


It's basically the start of a new chapter in a book that we're all still helping to write. In many ways, it's like the Never Ending Story, but without the giant flying dog-dragon thing. So, maybe it's not like the Never Ending Story...


In this one, Dr. Turpin is just another member in our every growing U of A community. (Also, given that this was a timed drawing activity, you may not see all the faculties listed, but they're totally there.)

Congratulations on being "incepted" President Turpin!


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