Wednesday, 9 December 2015

YA Asks: What do you like to do during winter?

Winter time has finally arrived…and I love it!

If you’re anything like me, I am pretty sure it makes you happy whenever you see fresh blanket of snow on the ground. I mean, what’s not to love? Beautiful scenery, fun winter activities, warm fuzzy socks, hot drinks, and of course, staying at home all day (in your bed) doing nothing. Also, winter season also signifies that Christmas is just around the corner.

So, to reassure myself that I am not the only one who’s liking the cold winter season, I’ve decided to walk around campus and ask my fellow U of A students about the things or activities they like to do during winter season. Here’s what they’ve got to say:

John Wayne, UAlberta - Winter

Jari, UAlberta - Winter

Alfie, UAlberta - Winter

Anna, UAlberta - Winter

Chelsea, UAlberta - Winter

Clancylyn, UAlberta - Winter

Corina, UAlberta - Winter

Michelle, UAlberta - Winter

Dayton, UAlberta - Engineering

Venus, UAlberta - Winter

Erica, UAlberta - Winter

Rose, UAlberta - Winter

I am not an outdoorsy person so I personally like to stay home during winter time. Nothing like a good book, a hot cup of tea, and a cozy lap blanket on a cold winter’s day! 

So, what are your favourite things to do during winter? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

P.S., Stay warm, UAlberta!

Kevin - YouAlberta Contributor

Kevin is a 4th year Anthropology Honors student. He hails from the Philippines and has been living as a proud Edmontonian for half a decade. When he is not busy, which is a rare occurrence, Kevin enjoys long walks, volunteering, and binge-watching past seasons of Survivor. He aspires to become a ‘cool’ social scientist while trying to get his Twitter account verified (though he doesn’t tweet much). His most prized possession (for now) is a signed copy of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

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