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8 Reasons to Rate Your Courses

Rate Your Winter 2017 Classes UAlberta

Are you ready to do some grading? Here are 8 reasons why you should complete your course evaluations:

Your profs have been grading you all term, so it's your turn to grade them.

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Keep in mind that this is your chance to provide constructive criticism.... keep it respectfully constructive people. (Treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.)

It should be quick.

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10 minutes of your time could have a huge impact on 1950 minutes of the people who take the course next year. (Give or take a few minutes...)

Taking from the note above, you (yes YOU) can have an impact!


Your feedback can help a prof learn how to improve their teaching skills. Your feedback can also help the department and/or faculty figure out if the curriculum is on track or in need of adjustment.

Let's be honest... not all profs check Rate My

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They don't. Some do. Most likely don't. So, use this as your chance to let them know how they're doing. (Minus the hot tamales....)

It's anonymous.

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Yup, you get to be honest without the worry of judgement. No one will accuse you of sucking up if you really loved the class and no one will know that you were the one who said that the class was boring... so say what needs to be said. 

It could be a good review process.

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Think about it - while you're reflecting on the class and figuring out whether or not you feel like you learned what you were supposed to, you'll have to actually think about whether or not you've learned what you were supposed to! Which means that you have to think about the things that you've learned.... you have to reflect... so really, filling out the course review will provide you with an opportunity for a micro-review session just as you start your study plan for finals.

It's online!

Course evaluations online

You can fill out your feedback from the comfort of your room... you can fill out your feedback while sitting on the bus (I don't recommend doing it if you're stuck standing on the bus)... you can fill it out during your class break... you can fill it out from a lot of different places. Convenience!

You're helping your fellow students!

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If everybody fills out their feedback forms, then everyone will be able to see the results when they go to select their next round of courses. Your feedback could save someone from a boring class... or even better, it could help inspire someone to take a really awesome class! So basically, you should fill it out because you're inspiring. Yeah, you are!

Now rate your courses!


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