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5 Things That Prove Your Profs Aren't Inviting You To I-Week Simply to See Them Present

U of A International Week 2016

There are so many events that happen at the university, I know, I know, you get loads of emails every day from  different departments or clubs you subscribed (or didn’t subscribe) to, inviting you to come to their event. But International Week is different – trust me!

In the past I learned a lot from I-Week more than I ever thought I would. I gained practical experience, new friends, and knowledge. This year there are SO many different events at I-Week – anyone can find something that interests them.

Check out my top 5 sessions that I’m going to see at IWeek 2016:

1. KAIROS Blanket Exercise – January 25 3-5:50 PM 

It’s not just because I’m a history student, I know many people find history to be yawn-worthy, but this is a fun and interactive way to learn Canada’s important and interesting Indigenous history. For me, It’s important to know the core historical elements of the place you’re living, or it’s hard to understand the present, and this is a perfect way to do so (and in under 3 hours, score).

2. After Paris: COP 21 and Beyond – January 27 2-3:20 PM

Paris Climate Change Conference

Climate change is something that affects all of us, and will affect our children and their children. If there is one thing that really pertains to all of us – it’s this! Would you like to be able to say “that’s because of global warming” with some conviction because you know what the experts are saying about it? #globalwarming #iknowthings 

3. How to Implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Locally – January 27 4-4:50 PM 

Composting - make some dirt

Do you ever wonder how you are going to transfer your degree to the real world? Well, the knowledge you can gain from this session will definitely help, and will show you how you can help move forward sustainable development in your own neighbourhood.

4. International Affairs Speed Networking Event – January 26 5-7:30 PM Tory 3-36 

If you’re still wondering how you are going to transfer your degree to the real world, this is the perfect event for you. This will give you the opportunity to talk to people with a variety of international careers and get some practical advice from them on how to get your dream career.

5. ISIS and Syrian Refugee Crisis: Canada’s Response – January 28 7-9 PM

If there is something that is talked about right now among co-workers, families, politicians, and otherwise, it’s this. We have all heard something about the refugee crisis. As the generation who will go on to deal with these issues in the not-so-far away future, I see this as a very useful session for everyone to go to, to get informed, form opinions, and learn about how Canada, specifically, is responding. 


I-Week is super informative and if you’re like me and hate, or just don’t watch the news, this is a good alternative or additive. It will keep you informed on the goings-on of the world. It might even give you a current events conversation starter that you never knew you were capable of. 

Kaitlyn - International Week Enthusiast

Kaitlyn is a 22 year old history nerd, certified makeup artist, lover of travel and keeper of a travel blog, and a fourth year university student. When not at school, she works at her home-based cosmetics business, volunteers at animal rescue societies, and binge watches Gilmore Girls.


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