Wednesday, 6 January 2016

10 Stories for the New Year.... That We AREN'T Doing

Winter Campuses (UAlberta)

It's a new year and a new semester and that means that there are all kinds of "firsts" and new opportunities to explore.... and obviously we can't do everything (hello time-management), so here are a few of the stories that we could have done for today, but obviously haven't.

1) 16 Resolutions for the new term.

We could write about them, but have resolved not to.

Calvin and Hobbes New Year's resolution
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2) Predictions for the upcoming year.

There are enough spoilers on the internet.

spoiler alert
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3) The top [insert number here] ways to stay healthy this term.

We've offered you tips before... so, it's up to you.

Healthy Ideas for Lunch

4) The best new tech gadgets to get you through the new term.

At one point in time, somebody would have written a list like this that would have included a palm pilot. Do you remember palm pilots? No? Exactly.

Hoverboard fail
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5) It's cold outside, so get your U-Pass.

It's cold outside, so I assume that taking the bus/LRT is appealing enough for you to have already decided to do that on your own.

Winter 2016 U-Pass
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6) It's picnic time!


Winter Campuses (UAlberta)

7) A look inside the campus ice castle.

I haven't found one... yet (this year). Hint, hint.

UAlberta Alumni Green and Glow Winter Fest 2015

8) A Day in the Life of the Anti-Freeze Yeti

Actually, we should have done this one, but I only just thought of it.... so consider this a 2017 story.

Antifreeze Yeti
Image courtesy of @uasuAntiFreeze

9) How to make the most of your time in the coffee line

Again, should have done this one.... but only just thought of it. So.... we might not tell this one right NOW, but might tell it later...

10) Any story about 2015.

Because it's 2016.

Because it's 2015 gif
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