Friday, 5 February 2016

YOUALBERTA INTRODUCES: The “Celebrate Valentine’s Day (By Yourself in a Onesie)” Contest.

UAlberta Valentine's Contest 2016

Listen up lovebirds – YouAlberta is brewing a contest with a prize basically equivalent to a committed partner. For the low price of your best/worst Valentine’s Day story, you could walk away draped in Green and Gold, the envy of your social circle, as you adorn your University of Alberta onesie.

Image courtesy of A potential front-runner for many of my friend's dates.

Now – I’ve managed to periodically end relationships long before Christmas every year (assuming they even existed in the first place), so most of my Valentine’s day traditions include pity chocolate from my mom and food, but I have higher hopes for you. I’m sure for many, Valentine’s is an endearing ritual of time well spent, and while those stories are nice, we’re looking for something a little more irregular. To give you an example, I give you Valentine’s Day 2015:

4:00PM: Go to outdoor rink.
4:30PM: Play hockey with strangers.
5:30PM: Begin walk to shack to remove skates.
5:31PM: Fall.
10:30PM: Confirmed broken ankle.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" - my ankle.

Think you can top it? We don’t necessarily only want stories of exemplary single-a-tude. If you’ve got something special that happened with that special someone else (keep it PG), then we’d love to hear it. You want that onesie? Of course you do. Read on for rules:

1 person = 1 submission MAX.
Must be a current U of A student
100 word maximum. 
You’re allowed to use fake names (or no names at all). 

Deadline extended - Submissions will be accepted until Friday, February 26, 2016.

After a preliminary story selections round by the YouAlberta bloggers, the winner will be decided by popular vote. 

Ready to submit? 

Do it!

Shadi - YouAlberta Contributor

Shadi, a soon to be graduate of the Specialization in Mathematics and Economics program, is a fond admirer of the Spring and Summer, Bluetooth speakers, and ItDog. Shadi is currently working as a Recreation Facilitator with Campus and Community Recreation, and plans on eventually doing graduate work in the incredibly cool field of Econometrics. In his free time, Shadi enjoys his bike not breaking, and people not yelling at him to stay off the road.

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