Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The U of A Onesie Winner!

Rocking the onesie

Updated on March 4, 2016

It's election season on campus, so YouAlberta decided to get in on the action... sort of. We wanted to encourage you to vote in the SU elections (because, you should.... it's your Students' Union, so you should have a say in how it's run, who runs it, etc.). And to  help you practice voting, we created an online poll for you. It should have only taken about 5 minutes of your time (maybe even only 2 minutes depending on how quickly you collect your thoughts) to vote for the Valentine's story that you liked best. (Yes, we reached all the way back to Valentine's Day for this one). And now we're pleased to reveal the winner (as voted for by you).

And the onesie goes to:

Hearts a Flutter

My friend and I made 250 paper hearts, which we wrote cute/cheesy quotes and pick-up lines on for handing out. We went to ETLC, since we expected lots of students to be studying. Engineers are a silly bunch of people: The girls all loved the hearts, while the guys seemed flattered and/or confused. Three guys bought us roses from a student group, while others seemed puzzled and handed back the hearts. After this experience, a friend came to me with a bag of candy and a note saying “I know you’re spending the day Han Solo” – Thanks for the reminder!

Runners Up Included:

Pieces of Me

This Valentine's Day was unlike any other, not because of a boy, but because for the first time ever on February 14th, I lost a piece of me. Tbh, I don’t remember how it happened, but I’d somehow fallen face first on Whyte Ave and chipped my tooth. I thought I’d be a trooper and go out anyway, because alcohol shouldn’t ever go to waste, but I died a bit in the morning, hungover and wanting a greasy meal but I couldn’t eat anything because my jaw was so sore. Oh, did I mention I’d also sprained my wrist too?

Better Luck Next Year

Boyfriend & I decide to make heart-shaped homemade pizza, go for walk around the ledge, then go skating at the legislature! First we burn our pizza. We then go for walk but cant find skating rink anywhere so we circle around the ledge for 35min& finally find it! We are so excited we sprint towards rink in celebration! Arrive at rink and realize we lost his phone. No skating. We re-trace our steps of being lost for another 35min. Finally, we find It 20meters from the rink where we decided to run. No pizza, no skating – better luck next year.

Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated!

Also, don't forget to stay informed about the SU elections. Check out the SU's election page to learn more.

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