Wednesday, 23 March 2016

10 Things to Know About Our Campus Rabbits

Campus Rabbit
You've seen them - they sit in bushes, jump out when you least expect them,  and bounce around like they own the place; they are the U of A rabbits. Here are few things you may (or may not) have know about them.


At the moment, they’re white

UAlberta White Rabbit


Eventually (and hopefully this isn’t a distant “eventually”) they’ll be brown

Brown UAlberta Rabbit


Sometimes they look like they have spots (either white with brown or brown with white)

UAlberta Rabbit with Spots

I believe that they are actually hares (but am sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong)

Rabbits vs. Hares

They like to sit under trees

Rabbit Under a Tree

They like to have staring contests with the students and staff who eat their lunch in quad during the summer

Staring Contest with a Rabbit

They don’t like it when you get close to them – so back off

Angry Rabbit

They do reproduce, which means that there are baby bunnies on campus *squeal* BUT, if you spot one, leave it alone. Do NOT approach a baby bunny, even if it looks like it’s been abandoned. It will only be abandoned if you get too close to it.

Keep Away from the Little Ones

Unfortunately, the campus rabbits do not cluck like chickens.

Easter Bunnies cluck though... but this is a cat.
Image courtesy of

They also refrain from handing out chocolatey eggs. 

Chocolate Easter Eggs... Mmmm
Image courtesy of the Chocolate Trading

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