Thursday, 7 April 2016

10 Reasons to Celebrate PositiviDay


April 8: the last day of classes - the day that everyone’s looking forward to. To make it even better, UofA Compliments is hosting their annual PositiviDay! There’s no better way to end the year than with a day full of fun activities to get your mind off finals and relax! Come out to Quad on April 8th from 11:00am to 3:00pm to enjoy a variety of fun activities aimed to make your last day of class the best day of the semester! If you’re not convinced yet, here’s 10 reasons why this is an event you shouldn’t miss!

1. Because you deserve a break before finals!

I think we can all agree that it’s been a long year. You’ve worked really hard and should have a well-deserved break before venturing off into exam territory. Come down to Quad to forget about finals for a few hours and feel those ‘last-day-of-school’ vibes!

2. Because it’s a chance to see your friends! 

Through all the hectic schedules and seemingly endless midterms, it can be hard to see your friends as much as you’d like. Luckily, PositiviDay is the perfect opportunity to text that friend you haven’t seen in a month and actually catch up! There will even be a bunch of wonderful activities so your conversations aren’t all about finals, which we’re trying to forget.

3. Because it’s a chance to show some love!

Not only can you bring a friend with you, you can also get customized compliments attached to helium balloons (balloons!) for the people you care about! Or you could shower yourself with some love with a compliment written just for you by one of our volunteers!

4. Because bouncy castles!

Does this one even need an explanation? The best way to deal with exam stress is to bounce away from it, right?

5. Because not only is there a bouncy castle, there’s even a ball pit (courtesy of!)

A bouncy castle and a ball pit?! Double the fun!

6. Because there will be puppies! 

UofA Compliments has teamed up with the Sundance Canine Rescue Society to bring you pet therapy right in the middle of quad! Come out and bask in the warm weather with a cute pup. It would make for one heck of a cute selfie!

7. Because the weather is gorgeous! 

Now I know this is Edmonton and we can’t really guarantee anything, but it sure looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day on the 8th! Flaunt your best summer outfit and get some much needed vitamin D!

8. Because you can get some rad body art!

Temporary, of course! For just $3-$15 (depending on how fancy you’re feeling that day) you can have some henna put on by one of our volunteers!

9. Because there will be food! 

And not just any kind of food, cupcakes! Satisfy that sweet tooth with a delicious baked good that you really do deserve for all the hard work you put into school.

10. Because of all the other cool activities there will be!

If I tried to list all of them you wouldn’t have time to come check them out! Activities will include a Photo Booth with props for you and your friends (a great chance to make memories!), super talented student performers, and activities planned by the Canadian Mental Health Association and Relaxation Superstation!

Now if all that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will! See you there :)

Anahat Virk - Guest Contributor

Anahat Virk is a 1st year Psychology major at the University of Alberta. Anahat believes the support she received from her school community helped her a lot, and that’s why she joined UofA Compliments. If not studying for an exam, you can find her spreading positivity to everyone around her!

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