Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Good-bye and thank-you: Notes from a Graduating Student

Graduating Thank You's
With the academic term coming to a close, one of our graduating YA Bloggers has a few fond farewells to share with campus.

Good-bye Rutherford Library, 

Rutherford Library

Thank-you for providing me with the many resources I needed to successfully complete each and every semester. You’re new chairs are pretty great, too.

Good-bye HUB, 

HUB Mall

Thank you for teaching me patience and the importance of deep breathing in the midst of so many slow walkers.

Good-bye Department of Women’s and Gender Studies,

University of Alberta Women's and Gender Studies
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Thank-you for accepting me for exactly who I happened to be that day, for teaching me how to think critically, ask important questions, and to live in a way that fosters the growth of all people and share in the celebration of inclusion and diversity.

Good-bye Dewey’s,


Thank-you for all of the cheap beer, loud conversations, weekday hangovers and truly happy hours.

Good-bye University of Alberta International, 

University of Alberta International

Thank-you for believing in my potential and allowing me to grow, learn, and support myself as a young professional.

Good-bye University of Alberta Alumni Association, 

UAlberta Alumni Sponsored Scholarships
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Thank-you for your generous scholarship in a time when I did not know whether or not I would be able to afford the next semester.

Good-bye Dr. Odile Cisneros,

"Why thank you"
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Thank-you for demonstrating what hard work & dedication really looks like and thank-you for instilling in me a passion for a language I did not once imagine I would ever learn prior to entering university. 

Good-bye extended family,

The Student Family

Thank-you for taking such good care of me--especially during the times when I could barely take care of myself--I know I can always count on you. I love you more than I can find the words. 

Good-bye first friends, 

First Year Friends

Thank-you for being some of the first familiar faces in a sea of busy bodies and confusing classes. Though we may not keep in touch regularly, I couldn’t have gotten through year one without you. 

Good-bye forever friends (but really, this is a see you later), 

Forever Friends
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Thank you for your unwavering support as we navigated our way through the trials and tribulations that is university and young adulthood.  We laughed, we cried, we failed, we tried. Together, we made it! 

Good-bye, University of Alberta.

Fifth YearFirst Year

Thank-you. It is because of you that I am able to walk into a new world with my head held high and pursue my dreams. I may have a way to go, but I can’t wait to get started. 

Jobey - YouAlberta Contributor

Jobey is in her fifth and final year studying Spanish Language and Literature & Women's and Gender Studies. She gets most of her inspiration from Vines & YouTube videos and over enthusiastically quotes them any chance she gets. When Jobey is not spending her days and nights in Rutherford Library, she can be heard from miles away "trying" to whisper. She really can’t whisper. Like, not even a little bit.


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  1. You're welcome, Jobey! Good luck in your future endeavours and keep in touch! It doesn't have to be goodbye - the alumni community will be here rooting you on. - Joyce from UofA Alumni


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