Friday, 28 October 2016

6 Super Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

Blind Mice with Attitude
Whether you're a procrastinator extraordinaire, thought that you had outgrown Halloween (but suddenly realized, NO ONE outgrows it), or had planned a super complicated costume only to realize that you don't have the time, money, or skill to pull it off, don't lose hope - you can still dress up this year. 

A few members of the YouAlberta team have decided to share their "best" last minute Halloween costume ideas, so here they are:

Group Idea - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Taylor suggests convincing two friends to help make this one work. What you'll need: A brown pillow (for the rock), a giant piece of paper (for the paper), and either giant scissors (they do exist!) or some cardboard that you can cut into the shape of scissors. That's it. Well, maybe some string or tape to hold it all in place would help. But THAT's it.


Niabi said this one was/is easier than it might sound.... you'll need a pillow (hopefully you have one), something green and something pink/red to stick in your hair, white clothing, and a black scarf (or belt). You'll look delicious.... in a non-creepy way.

Todd from BoJack Horseman

If you're a fan of talking cartoon horses and their friends, then Zach's pick might be just right for you. You'll need an orange toque, a red shirt, and some black pants. So if you have those things, you have a costume.

Group Idea - Two Blind Mice

If you're short on time and short on people, Paige suggests being the three blind mice - with a twist! If you only have one friend willing to dress up with you, pretend that you simply lost the third member of your squad by being the TWO blind mice. To pull this off, make some mouse ears (you could buy them if you want, or you could just pin some paper made ones to your hair), grab your shades, and get some sticks. Face painted (or eyeliner) whiskers and a red (probably blush or face paint) nose are optional.

The Unisex Bob/Barb Ross

Catherine's costume might seem complicated especially if you don't paint), but it's really pretty easy. Things you'll need include a flannel/plaid shirt, a curly wig (or your own curly curly hair - embrace it if you've got it), a beard (real or hand drawn with a washable felt or stippled using some brown eyeliner), a picture of some happy little clouds and trees, a paint brush, and a smooth and calming voice.

Be Your Own Friend

To quote Jeremiah, "One of my friends had very long hockey hair and wore a snapback and sunglasses with sweatpants and flipflops with socks EVERYDAY. I got a wig and dressed like him, with the flipflops, sweatpants, and a hockey t-shirt." To do this yourself, pick a friend, as to borrow one of their shirts, and mock away!!!


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