Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Which Museum is Your Soul Mate?

Note: The title of this post has been renamed. Although the original title was never intended to offend, we recognize that it was a mistake and apologize for its use. 
Which University of Alberta museum is your spirit animal?
Have you ever been bored between two classes and wished for novel ways to procrastinate? Or simply thirsty for some hands-on knowledge? Here's the scoop: the U of A has over 30 museums on North campus, all at your disposition. I know what you're thinking: "Jeepers, I want to visit them all but I don't know where to start!" Look no further, because this quiz is going to help you find the museum or collection of your dreams in only 7 easy questions.

Catherine - YouAlberta Contributor

Catherine is a 2016 BSc graduate (in Bio and English) who will be tackling a BEd in Secondary Education this September. She currently works at the Centre for Teaching and Learning and her passions include children’s health and flat-faced pets. When she isn’t eating or chuckling to herself, Catherine enjoys playing piano, exploring the river valley and spiralling into existential reflections while stargazing.


Bone image
Paleobotany image
Silk Tapestry Weave Robe for a First Rank Daoist Priest - Museum Collections



  1. "Spirit animal" is culturally appropriative. PLease be mindful of this and re-title your article, remove your article/or update it with appropriate wording and issue an apology.

    1. Thank you for input. In no way was this post intended to offend, and we apologize. We have re-named the piece.

  2. It is my understanding that the idea of a "spirit animal" is sacred to many First Nations people, and that non-Indigenous people have been asked to refrain from using this term (especially when describing trivial things). Surely we can find a better way to describe a museum preference.


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