Friday, 13 January 2017

Use UWS - Seriously, just use it


Our smartphones can be our saviours when waiting in a long coffee line… and just think of all the data you would use if it wasn’t for UWS! UWS is your free University of Alberta WiFi that brings you faster connection for a truly seamless  experience. By simply entering our CCIDs and passwords, we can join to the information that propels and connects our community.
Here are 8 interesting facts about UWS for you:

1. Did you know over 40,000 different users login to UWS with their CCIDs every day?  

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We really are like a small city!

2. From phones to laptops and tablets, at any one time there are a total of 33,700 devices are connected to UWS.

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3. UWS handles about 21.6 terabytes of traffic every day...

…. that’s equal to downloading 30,240 movies daily!

4. Whether we know it or not, we tend to do things on our WiFi as a collective. 

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For example during the latest Apple iOS upgrade, UWS saw an extra 3.4TB of data being used as everyone on campus with an iPhone/iPad upgraded to the latest Apple offering.

5. Have some free time on campus? 

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Approximately 10% of all daily UWS traffic is from Netflix. Netflix and UWS anyone?

6. Ever see these little boxes around campus? 

There are almost 5,000 of these wireless access points scattered across the university's campuses to ensure that we have the most optimal service as often as possible.

7. Across all of the university's campuses, UWS is fully equipped in 161 buildings, including the LRT platforms

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It appears food and wifi go hand in hand. 

11:00 a.m.  - 3:00 p.m. is by far the busiest time for UWS traffic across campus—but we don’t blame you, what else are you going to do while waiting in that Subway line?

So remember, you are more than just a Guest, which is why you get to use UWS. To learn more about using UWS (or to find out when you should recommend Guest@UofA to a visitor), visit the IST website.

Lauren Sigvaldason - Digital Graphic Designer, Information Services and Technology (IST)

As a Communications Designer for Information Services and Technology, Lauren works on a wide range of projects from awareness campaigns to communication strategies around IT solutions. Making sure the university knows who IST is and how you can best utilize our services and support is her continual goal. Coming from Industrial Design background, Lauren finds that no solution to problem solving too far fetched and is excited to explore new ways to engage and grow the department and it's connection to the university community.

This post was originally posted on The Quad on October 6, 2016.

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