Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Help Us Move!

Join YouAlberta

At the University of Alberta, June is all about growing up and moving on - at least when it comes to Convocation.... AND when it comes to the evolution of YouAlberta!

This June we are looking for applicants to help us move the blog over to a new (and hopefully much fancier) platform. This person will join the YouAlberta team for 2017 - 18 as our Publication Assistant (which means that they'll get to have a part-time job in both the summer months AND the fall and winter semesters). So, why would anyone want to be a Publication Assistant? Here's one reason why:

Reason 1: You Live Online

Hopefully you aren't online all the time, but if you have an eye for digital layouts, you always know what the new "thing" is that's spreading across social media, and you enjoy uploading student life focused material to the internet, then a part-time job that focuses on uploading content to a student life publication, like YouAlberta should be just right for you.

Ideally, you'll also be a team player who is looking forward to helping get the stories of the YouAlberta Bloggers out into the online world. This is also the position for you if you are looking for professional guidance and leadership (since you'll get to work closely with the YouAlberta Editor.... i.e. me).

Applications are being accepted until June 26, 2017. Interviews will tentatively take place on the afternoon of June 29, 2017.



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