Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Let's Do Lunch: Best Spots to Picnic On Campus

Today I was able to take a walk around campus and surprisingly enough, it was actually warm outside. That's right - the time to turn your lunch break between classes into your own daily picnic ritual is finally here! If you're lucky, there might even come a day this term when your prof might say "let's take this outside." 

So with that in mind, here are a few fantastic places to feast outdoors this spring/summer:

In Front of the Admin Building

The view from the picnic table.

 The Wall of Alumni Walk


The wooded hill in the Arts QUAD.

The Sidewalk In Front of Pembina, Athebasca, and Assiniboia Halls

View from the bench in front of Pembina. (Looking towards QUAD.)

View from the bench in front of Pembina Hall.

 Behind Bio Sci

A ready made table for two.

In front of CCIS

Lecture Tip: The green field directly in front of CCIS was designed to double as an outdoor lecture theatre... so it's a great place for a picnic AND it's a great place for an outdoor class.

In front of Dent/Pharm

The Engineering QUAD

Behind ESB (along Saskatchewan Drive)

Between FAB and Law

If you venture over the small hill (which is pretty great on its own), you'll find...
... some great art, and...

A tiered meeting space. Could be a good place to enjoy a sunny snack, or a nice spot for class. 

Back by the Ring Houses 

Beside the National Institute for Nanotechnology

QUAD (Likely the most obvious choice)

As things continue to heat up, QUAD should come to life with games of Frisbee, catch, sun bathers, etc. 

QUAD: One of the few places on campus where you can dine with a goose... just don't get to close. 

On a sunny day, QUAD will be one of the sunniest spots on campus, but for anyone looking to stay in the shade, there are a few places to sit beneath the tress.

 Beside Rutherford Library

The Stuart Davis Plaza (between CCIS and Bio Sci)

Hidden between CCIS and Bio Sci you should be able to find an outdoor set of steps which will lead you to this hidden gem.

Beside the Timms Centre for the Arts

Around Tory


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