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PED 101: An Introduction to Campus Pedways

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Trying to make it through the wind-chill without your face freezing? How about staying dry from the rain? Is it scorching hot outside? Well, you’re in luck. The University has several indoor paths that’ll save you from just about anything, like the wind that’s itching to give you a bad hair day. 

This guide will provide you with the know-how to make it from one end of campus to other, all while staying indoors. Check out this handy dandy pedway overview:

U of A Pedway Map

As you can see above, there are four major indoor routes on campus. But before we break each route down, let’s ask ourselves, what is a pedway?

Pedway:  ( /ˈpɛdˌweɪ/ )  “a walkway, usually enclosed, permitting pedestrians to go from building to building, as in an urban center, without passing through traffic.” –
Please note this guide isn’t exclusive to pedways alone, as indoor building paths will be heavily featured.

Also, not all pedways and/or building connections on campus are included in this guide… sorry V-wing.

Horowitz Line 

(AKA the “I-just-ate-a-Tombstone-donair-and-need-to-walk-it-off-but-it’s-cold-outside” Line)

The "Horowitz Line" Pedway Map - UAlberta

Let’s being with the Horowitz line. This route will take you from SUB to ETLC. You’ll be starting off in SUB.

UAlberta Pedways - SUB to Engineering

1. Take the stairs to the second floor of SUB. Cross the pedway to the Agriculture-Forestry building.

2. Head down the stairs and take a right. Cross the pedway that leads in to the General Services Building.

3. Once in GSB, take your first right. You might be sore from leg day, but you’ll want to head up the stairs to NREF.

4. Keep walking straight ahead and you’ll see the pedway to ETLC. 


5.1. Option 1: Take the pedway to CHEM E (head straight)

5.2. Option 2: Take the pedway to MEC (take a right)

Cameron Line 

(AKA the “Wait-I-can-reach-two-different-Starbucks’-without-going-outside?” Line)

The Cameron Line Pedway Map - UAlberta

Next up is the Cameron line. This route spans from SAB to CCIS and is quite linear. You’ll be starting off in SAB this time.

UAlberta Pedways - SAB to Bio Sci/ESB

1. When you enter SAB from the door closest to the bus loop, walk down the long hallway. It’s a pretty long hallway. But on the plus side, you just have to head straight. No turns or anything.

2. When the hallway opens up a little and you do reach a very small set of steps with a ramp, you’ll find yourself in CAB. Well that was easy. Turn right at the Panda Express and pass by the Tim Hortons.


3.1. Option 1: Turn right at the InfoLink desk to cross the pedway to the Cameron Library.

3.2. Option 2: Continue north into the Chemistry Building. Look, another long hallway. Just keep going straight until the dark brick hall gives way to some fancy glass doors and a very bright white hall.

4. Pass through those doors. You’re now in CCIS. 


5.1. Option 1: Continue on north to Biosci by heading through the doors just past the Second Cup.

5.2. Option 2: Or take the stairs to the 2nd floor, and head east to ESB.


ESB is the closest thing that we have to an indoor line that can get you from CCIS/CAB/CHEM/SAB to Tory. Once you enter ESB from the CCIS pedway, just keep walking east until you come to the end of the building. Then head down the stairs to the door. You'll have to run outside for about 20 seconds if you use ESB to get to Tory... and be prepared, the gap between ESB and Tory tends to act like a wind tunnel. 

Rutherford Line (AKA the “I’m-going-to-buy-Edo-and-let-the-smell-drive-you-crazy-on-the-LRT” Line)

The Rutherford Line Pedway Map - UAlberta

Our third route is the Rutherford Line. It spans from FAB to Business/Tory and Humanities.. You’ll begin in FAB. 

(BUT, if things are unlocked, you could actually begin all the way in the Timms Centre. If you do that, just be sure to start on the second floor of the centre and head north into the Pedway that takes you Into FAB. 

OR, you can start over in Law instead. That’s right Law. If you start in Law, get yourself to the second floor and, like Fievel, go west. You’ll walk up a very long sloped hall/pedway that will take you into FAB. From there, just get to the centre of FAB.)

UAlberta Pedways - FAB to Tory/Humanities

1. Starting in FAB, head to the northwest corner of the second floor of the Fine Arts Building. This pedway will take you to HUB.

UAlberta Pedways - FAB to HUB
Image courtesy of InfoLink: Your Campus Connection


2.1. Option 1: You can take a left here to get to the LRT.

2.2. Option 2: Just head north. HUB spans almost four city blocks, so it’s quite a trek. An INDOOR trek. 

TIP: While walking north, always, and I do mean ALWAYS stay on the east side of the mall. The west side is for southward traffic. Show off your good HUB etiquette. 


3.1. Option 1: While walking north in HUB, you can take a left at the mid-point of the mall to reach the Rutherford Library. Just turn left at the Varsity Store (under the Rutherford Lounge).

3.2. Option 2: Almost walk to the end of the mall, but before you hit the pedway to Tory/Business, take a right to get to the Humanities Centre. (You would turn just below the Riverside Lounge.)

UAlberta Pedway - HUB to Humanities
Image courtesy of InfoLink: Your Campus Connection

3.3. Option 3. Walk to the very end of the mall. You'll come to the pedway doors (which are located below a giant mural). Pass through the doors and follow the pedway. You’ll end up in the Tory Business Atrium. Tory will be to your left (i.e. the north) and Business to your right (i.e. the south).

Katz Line 

(AKA the “I-hope-you-don’t-mispronounce-either-ECHA-or-Katz” Line)

The Katz Line Pedway Map - UAlberta

The final route this guide will cover is the Katz Line. It’ll take you from the Health Sciences LRT all the way to the Education building. 

For this one, we’ll start off at the Health Sciences/Jubilee LRT platform.

1. Head inside and up the escalator. On your left are two pedways: one that heads south to the Kaye Edmonton Clinic, and one that heads north to the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA). You’ll want to take the latter.

UAlberta Pedway - ECHA

2. You’ll take a left at the end of the pedway. Turn right and swag walk the entirety of ECHA.

Swag Walk with Urkel

3. At the far north end, turn right to take the pedway to Katz/Medsci.

UAlberta Pedway - ECHA to Med Sci

4. Turn left at the end of the pedway and head into Katz.

UAlberta Pedway - Med Sci to Katz

5. At the far east end of the 2nd floor of Katz you’ll see a bunch of couches. Turn left at the couches and go down the ramp.

UAlberta Pedway - Katz

6. Turn right at the elevators and head down the narrow hallway.

UAlberta Pedway - Katz

7. Turn left by the bulletin board and take the pedway to Education. They should call this pedway the ‘edway’…or not.

UAlberta Pedway - Katz to Ed South

Congratulations – you’re probably an expert on pedways now. Are you ready to give people the indoor campus tour? Just keep in mind, it doesn’t hurt to walk outside and get a breath of fresh air every now and then. .. if it’s nice out.

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Oh, hey there! My name is Edward and I’m currently in my fourth year of a Biological Sciences major with a minor in Sociology. As I near the end of my degree, I’m really taking the time to enjoy this thing called “student life.” I’m an amateur astronomer, but I don’t own a telescope.

When I’m not struggling with being un-photogenic, I can be found near the back row of class, not because I think I’m cool, but because I like to observe my surroundings from the best view possible. I’ll also be at a random table somewhere, with Tims in hand and a Metro in front of me, turned to the crossword/Sudoku page.

Quite a bit happens here on campus. Events, experiences, the trials and tribulations of university life. With so much going on, I hope to show you tidbits and snapshots of what else is happening at this place we all call “home.”



  1. This is amazing!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together Edward!

  2. You missed the two connections to NINT, from CME and MEC!


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