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Is One Faculty Harder than Another?

It’s one of the most debated questions among students at any university: which faculty is the hardest? I could hear students disputing this very question way back when I first stepped onto campus for Orientation and can still hear it while sitting in HUB, or CAB, or any other building at the U of A. For some reason, university students just love arguing and trying to prove that their faculty is indeed harder and requires a lot more work than any other. However, based on my own extensive research (which was not official in any way…. I just tried three different programs), I have come to learn that no faculty is easier or harder than another. Here’s what I’ve found:

When I started out in Sciences, I struggled a ton. I felt very lost and believed that Science was just too tough of a program for me. However, as I continued my degree, I found that wasn’t the case at all - I just didn’t have the passion needed to succeed in the labs. Also, my brain is horrible at memorizing any type of fact so trying to remember all the different cells and biological processes was a huge struggle for me. When I later switched into the Education faculty, there were parts that felt “easy” but that wasn’t’ because the work was actually easier – it was because I was far more comfortable and interested in the writing based assignments. However, I wasn’t interested in the hands-on assignments, which lead me to Business (where I am now).  Do I think Business is “easier” than my previous programs? Yes – but only because I am now truly in my element. The subject matter that I study now isn’t any easier or simpler, it’s just that my brain is more suited for this type of study.

So what does this mean?

Each faculty requires a high degree of perseverance and hard work. What might make each faculties appear difficult is whether you contain the skills and interest needed to succeed.

We all have different skills; we all have different things that we are better at. Take for example, my one friend in Sciences. She is brilliant at anything to do with Chemistry or Biology but if you try to make her write an essay, she will struggle immensely with it whereas I’m the exact opposite. I would gladly write an essay over participating in an experiment in a lab.

What inspired me to write this post is that I have friends in all different kinds of faculties and they are constantly debating and trying to prove that their faculty is harder. And for some reason, we are all constantly trying to put each other down because of it. One of my friends once asked me why I seemed to be so busy and stressed given that I’m “just in Business.” He truly believed that his course load trumped mine. Sure, I probably wouldn’t do as well in his program, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t do so hot in mine either, and that’s okay.

We are all in specific programs because that is where our strengths lie. We choose to concentrate on a particular area, not because one is easier or harder, but because that’s where our passions are. So, to all the students out there, let’s stop this silly game of trying to prove that our respective faculties are harder and because of that, we’re more intelligent. Each degree in university takes an astronomical amount of work and perseverance. If anything, every faculty is hard, and every faculty is easy.

Taylor - YouAlberta Contributor

Taylor is entering her fifth year, trying out her third faculty. After getting a taste of Sciences and Education, she decided Business was truly the faculty for her. When she is not studying for that elusive 4.0 GPA, you can find her glued to her computer, writing a new post on her personal style & beauty blog, And if she gets bored of that, you can most definitely bet she’s busy taking countless Snapchats of her Goldendoodle, Oakley.

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