Thursday, 12 September 2013

Find Your Fit

During the frenzy of Week of Welcome activities, I took time to visit the Student Group Services' Clubs Fair for a little while every day. Admittedly  $1 pizza and free swag made each visit especially worthwhile but it's always exciting to see new clubs and to jot down my email address in a few places. Despite numerous visits, I'm still not sure I was able to visit every booth. I snapped a few photos from the Clubs Fair in an effort to capture some of the frenzy of activity as well as a few of the clubs on campus.

The number of tables that were set up at the Clubs Fair were both impressive and a little daunting given the number of groups to visit. But, the extensive variety coupled with the genuine enthusiasm, and the desire for community on campus was inspiring to see. 

Whether you are looking for an academic group, athletic activity, activist organization, ethnic communion, a hobby or passion, or even just for some socialization, there is a group out there for you. Some groups are able to blend academic pursuits with individual interests while others provide an outlet for fellowship and social interaction. There is truly something for everyone at the University with clubs and student groups providing perfect opportunities to meet new people while contributing to the wider university community.

In the coming weeks I hope to sit down with some of the clubs and groups on campus to showcase the diverse array of student groups on campus. While the Clubs Fair is over, most clubs and student groups welcome new faces throughout the year. A full list of student groups can be found through on BearsDen.


About the Author

Hello there! I'm Trenton and I'm super excited to be a YouAlberta Student Communicator. Though I spend a staggering amount of my time thinking about a syllabus for an imaginary Batman 101 class, my major is actually Political Science. I love to read, eat, and play around in Photoshop (sometimes all at once). If you're ever looking for someone to debate about a variety of nerdy topics, I'm your man.

It is my hope to tell a wide array of stories about the sides of campus life and student life that may not be immediately apparent. In doing this, I want to showcase the diversity, passion, and community at the U of A that constantly inspires me. My time at the U of A has been truly trans-formative and, as I enter my final year here, I can't wait to listen to and tell stories about the University and its students.


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