Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day with Guba and Patches

Guba and Patche Do Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, U of A mascots Guba and Patches have undertaken the task to give a sneak peek about the most romantic places/things to do around campus.

Guba and Patches have coffee

The study lounge in Athabasca Hall is the place to be when hanging out with your significant other, drinking coffee, or just plain studying .

Guba and Patches enjoy art

Check out the different exhibitions/art galleries/museums across campus as they not only prove to be great stress busters, but also provide another reason for you and your significant other to hold hands.

Guba and Patches "study"

Also while we are at holding hands, according to Patches studying at the Harry Potter room in Rutherford makes for a great hand holding/studying space.

Guba and Patches do some "star gazing"

We all have days when all we want to do is lie down and stare at the stars… but given that it’s a little chilly outside, Guba recommends taking in the view of the solar system from the centre CCIS. (Just try to avoid being stepped on during class changes.)

Guba and Patches go to the Observatory

While you are at CCIS checking out the solar system, Guba also recommends taking a trip to the Observatory on the 5th floor of the building for a view you wouldn’t find anywhere else on campus.

Guba and Patches enjoy the sunset

The 4th Floor of Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NREF) provides a beautiful view of west Edmonton – providing a perfect spot to end the day soaking in the warmth of a picturesque Edmonton sunset .


About the Author

When I am not busy with engineering school, I love painting in abstracts. I am also a huge movie buff and will watch anything with zombies in it.

I would like to share stories that are personal and reflective of the great community we have built here at the U of A. My experience at the university so far has brought forward a tremendous amount of personal growth, and I can’t wait to help share the wonderful stories and student experiences of this amazing university.


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