Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kicking Hunger: Powerplay Cup 2014

Power Play Cup - University of Alberta

Turf burn and fancy footwork ran rampant at this year’s Powerplay Cup, a charity futsal tournament hosted by the Campus Food Bank. The annual fundraiser pitted 15 co-ed teams against each other with prizes from Earls, The Rack, the Billiards Club, and other sponsors on the line. The tournament was held all day Saturday in the Butterdome and each team brought out their best guys and girls in an attempt to win the coveted cup.

The Powerplay Cup has become an annual tradition and all proceeds raised go back to the Campus Food Bank. The Cup not only generates important funds for the CFB but also helps to promote physical activity that complements proper eating in the life of a healthy student.

Each team had 4 players on the field and one keeper, each of them putting their bodies on the line for a number of games over the course of the day. While sportsmanship was a vital part of the tournament, adrenaline was running high as players jostled for position and chased down loose balls. After a hard-fought tournament, Grinders FC captured the top prize.

Campus Food Bank Fundraiser - Power Play Cup

Student Fundraiser - Campus Food Bank - Power Play Cup

Students Fundraising with Sport - Campus Food Bank

Students Fundraising with Sport - University of Alberta

Campus Food Bank Power Play Cup - Finals

Students play soccer for charity - University of Alberta

Winning the Power Play Cup - University of Alberta

The Campus Food Bank Power Play Cup

Winners of the Power Play Cup - University of Alberta Campus Food Bank

The Powerplay Cup wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of CFB volunteers and sponsor Ellis Don construction. If you think you have what it takes to win the top prize next year, keep your eyes peeled for next spring’s tournament!


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