Wednesday, 19 November 2014

We Both Know You're Procrastinating... Tips from the Long Night Against Procrastination

Long Night Against Procrastination, held on Friday November 6th at 8pm to the 7th at 8am in Rutherford library, offered students 12 hours of student services such as tutors, volunteers, instructors, students, presenters to help fight against procrastination to the 400 students that attended.

It was great to see so many lively students dedicating their time to studies even in the wee hours of the night.

The library was filled with dedicated students.
This clever group even supplied their own coffee pot! Now that’s planning! 

There were all kinds of services being offered; even the all-important matters of the mind could be addressed for only five cents!

Students were hard at work with their tutors.

 Essay Help was even offered to French students thanks to the Faculte Saint-Jean.

If you found yourself getting too stressed you could head over to the relaxation super-station and pop some bubble wrap or drink tea, coffee or enjoy some healthy snacks!

 A great looking bunch of students keeping positive with smiles! 

All kinds of tutors were volunteering for this event.

Shanna even showed us how turning your world upside down helps to focus your studying after you’ve hit the unproductive wall.

Unfortunately my camera's battery couldn’t make it the full night, but it was truly inspiring to see so many hard working students in one library working away into the small hours of the night-and into the morning. Hopefully everyone had a great night of productivity, learning and making new friends! 

If you weren’t able to make it out don’t fret! There are always ways to reduce procrastination tendencies here on campus:

1) The Center for Writers is always there to help so make sure to book an appointment with them and save yourself some stress from final papers. 

2) Yoga classes and a great variety of other fitness classes are offered to help get your creative juices flowing.

3) Your professors always have office hours and it’s always a great idea to go to the source for any help understanding material.

4) Plenty of student services are ready to help! Feeling stressed? Head over the Peer Support Center or check out the workshops offered by the Student Success Center.

5) If all else fails, carry a coffee pot with you for long study session!  

For extra tips, check out our "10 Tips to Prevent the Perils of Procrastination"

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Hi, I’m Paige! I’m a fourth year student aspiring to become a Conference Interpreter after completing a bachelor of arts in French, Spanish and Japanese. I have a passion for everything cultural and am a total linguistic nerd. 

Away from my favorite study spot on campus, you can find me training with the Rowing Team or taking naps wherever possible. I love getting involved on campus and meeting new people so I’m always attending events happening around the University. 

I hope to share stories that highlight student life at the U of A; showcasing the bright and creative minds we have here at the U. I also hope to provide you with helpful tips to improve the time that you spend here on campus.


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